Woman from Michigan is detained after failing to scan every item at the Walmart self-checkout

After allegedly stealing merchandise from Walmart by failing to scan all of her products at the self-checkout, a woman from Michigan is now facing charges.

TeddyJo Marie Fliam, 34, was allegedly utilizing the self-checkout at a Walmart in Alpena County when loss prevention personnel observed she wasn’t scanning each item. According to a Fox 2 report, when approached by a loss prevention worker, Fliam became irritated, denied skipping products, and then departed the store.

After reviewing its CCTV footage in response to the incident, the shop discovered that Fliam had stolen more than $1,000 worth of goods from Walmart by failing to scan them since April.

In order to prevent checkout theft, Walmart is utilizing artificial intelligence.
T.J. Marie Fliam
Fliam is accused of first-degree retail fraud after being detained at her Alpena residence last month.

Loss prevention specialists at Walmart in Alpena County have lately started to crack down on shoplifting at the self-checkout, and Michigan State Police have documented two instances in which persons were detained after exchanging barcodes while checking out merchandise.

In 2019, Walmart started employing artificial intelligence to stop self-checkout thefts. Cameras were used to ensure that every item that was bagged was scanned.

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