A McDonald’s employee in New Orleans claimed to have been “scared” when hiding in a freezer during an armed robbery. Her mother, however, was the dispatcher when she made the 911 call.

In an armed heist, a McDonald’s employee was forced into a freezer. Tenia Hill contacted 911 pleading for assistance during the incident. Unexpectedly, her mother was the dispatcher who answered the phone. Each everyday, top editors send the articles you desire straight to your inbox. Thank you for registering! Unexpectedly, the dispatcher who answered the phone from a New Orleans McDonald’s employee during an armed robbery at the eatery was her mother.

Tenia Hill, 16, was a worker at the fast food joint when an armed lady broke down the door and dragged her and other coworkers into a freezer, WDSU reported .

Hill dialed the emergency number when her mother Teri Clark answered the phone while she was still in the freezer, according to the report.
Hill said in the 911 call, “Mama, please hurry up, she’s got a gun,” which the outlet was able to obtain.
Clark, the assistant operations manager for Orleans Parish Communications District, replied, “We are going to hurry, give me a description.”

As she attempted to carry out her duties while maintaining her cool, Clark told the news outlet that she was “in a state of shock” and that “tears were coming down my cheeks.”

Interestingly, Clark stated that she was intended to end her shift but chose to stay later to assist her coworkers.

According to WDSU, Clark was able to check on her daughter when police eventually got on the scene. The source said that until that day, Clark, who has been employed for close to 25 years, had never received an emergency call from a relative.

Tyrell Morris, the district’s executive director of communications, praised Clark for her work, calling her a “shining example of what our 911 heroes in New Orleans and across the country do every day.”

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