Texas high school students who had their SATs fly out of a UPS truck may need to retake them.

According to KTSM, students from El Paso High School’s SAT tests were affected after they flew out of a UPS truck. The personnel of the El Paso Independent school system reportedly found 55 examinations. The College Board is collaborating with the institution to give students options, such as retaking the test. Each everyday, top editors send the articles you desire straight to your inbox. Thank you for registering! Following reports that test materials for some high school students in El Paso, Texas, flew out of the back of a UPS delivery truck, those kids may have to retake the SAT exam.

They convened a senior class meeting today, and they sort of informed us, “Hey, guys, the rumors are true. The SAT test results were tainted. They “flew out of the UPS bus,” El Paso High School student Santiago Gonzalez told aa1.

According to the personnel of the El Paso Independent school district, all but 55 of the SAT exam sheets that were misplaced while being safely transported by UPS have been found.

According to a district official, the incident only had an impact on students who took the SAT at the school on October 27.
However, students have voiced worries over the dissemination of the personal data they provided on the exam.

We include all of our identifying information and contact details on the exam score sheets, including our home address, birthdate, and place of residence. And the fact that our identification is already public makes it awful. Flyers could have been picked up by certain individuals, Zyenna Martinez told KTSM.

The source claims that counselors are offering waivers to students who want to take the ACT college admission exam, which is an alternative to the SAT, for free.

According to a statement sent to KTSM, The College Board is also collaborating with the high school to give pupils choices, such as retaking the exam as soon as possible.

Occasionally, test items get misplaced in transportation. The College Board provided a statement to KTSM stating that when such situations arise, they collaborate with the school to make sure that students can retest as quickly as feasible. The College Board issued a statement that said, “We are now working with El Paso High School to provide solutions for the impacted pupils.”

UPS apologized to the school and extended their regrets to the pupils in a statement to Insider.

The statement read, “Our workers are working to recover as many tests as they can, and we will collaborate with the school to rectify the matter.” The measures taken by the driver in this instance were not consistent with UPS policies and procedures, and we are talking to him about it. Our first focus at UPS is keeping our service commitments in a safe manner.

Insider’s request for comment was not immediately answered by The College Board or the El Paso Independent School District.

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