When you use our websites, applications, such as games, interactive TV, voice-activated assistants, and other services that link to this policy, as well as connected devices, such as those used in our theme parks, we, along with our partners, including advertisers and vendors, may use cookies and similar tracking technologies (Services). This Notice is a supplement to the NBCUniversal Privacy Policy, which is accessible at here, and offers further details about these technologies and your options. For a complete understanding of how NBCUniversals uses your information, please read the Privacy Policy and this Notice.


Similar to many businesses, we use HTTP cookies, HTML5 and Flash local storage/flash cookies, web beacons/GIFs, embedded scripts, ETags/cache browsers, and software development kits as well as other tracking technologies on the Services (collectively referred to as Cookies from this point forward, unless otherwise stated).

Pristine Cookies

First-party Cookies are used to help with analytics tasks and are put by us (including with the help of third-party service providers). They are used to let you utilize the Services and their features.

Other Parties’ Cookies

When you use the Services as well as other websites or online services, certain third parties may put their Cookies on your device and use them to identify your device. This information is gathered and used by these third parties in accordance with their own privacy rules. Certain features or functionality, as well as advertising, are made possible by third-party cookies on the Services.

Cookie varieties
For these objectives, the Services make use of the first-party and third-party Cookies listed below:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the operation of the service, including system administration, security, and fraud prevention, as well as the ability to make purchases. Although you can configure your browser to block certain Cookies, some features of the website might stop working.

Storage and Access of Information: These Cookies enable us and our partners to store and access information, such as device identifiers, on the device.

Measurement and analytics: These Cookies gather information about how you use and how well the Services work, use market research to create audiences, and assess the efficacy of content and advertising distribution. These Cookies are used by us and our third-party partners for analytics so we can create new goods and services, enhance user experience, and compile statistics. For the aforementioned goals, they are also utilized to identify you and offer additional insights across platforms and devices.

Cookies that enable us to provide personalized features like identifying first-time visitors, limiting message frequency, remembering choices you’ve made (such your language preferences or time zone), and helping you log in after registering are all examples of personalization cookies (including across platforms and devices). Additionally, these Cookies enable your device to receive and send data, enabling you to view and engage with advertisements and content.

Selection and Delivery of Content Cookies: Information gathered in this category may also be used to choose and provide tailored news articles and videos.

For the purpose of delivering interest-based advertising content on the Services and on third-party websites, ad selection and delivery cookies are used to collect information about your browsing habits, how you use the Services, your preferences, and how you interact with advertisements across platforms and devices. In order to present information, including adverts tailored to your interests on the Services and third-party services, third-party websites and services also utilize interest-based advertising cookies. You could see contextual advertising that is less relevant to you if you refuse certain Cookies.

Social media cookies: You can share content with your friends and networks by using these cookies, which social media sites have placed on the Services. Social media sites might monitor your online activities when you aren’t using the Services. You could notice different messages and content on other services as a result.

Measurement and analytics cookies, personalization cookies, content selection, delivery and reporting cookies, ad selection, delivery and reporting cookies, and social media cookies may be linked to other data we hold about you by us and by third parties.


You might be able to change your Cookie preferences at any time via the Cookie Settings link in the bottom of relevant websites, depending on where you live. The techniques listed below can also be used to manage cookies. Such actions must be taken on each browser or device you use. You might need to use these opt-out tools once more if you replace, modify, or update your browser or device, or if you delete your cookies. Please carefully alter your browser’s Cookie settings, paying close attention to the pertinent instructions below, as some Cookie-management solutions also depend on Cookies.

Controls for your browser: Depending on your browser’s settings, you may be able to disable and control some Cookies. You must manage the settings for each browser if you use more than one on the same device. For instructions, kindly click on any of the browser links below:

Google ChromeApple SafariMozila FirefoxMicrosoft Internet Explorer

If your preferred browser isn’t mentioned above, please consult the help menu of your browser for instructions on how to manage Cookies. Please be aware that deactivating cookies won’t stop us from using other analytics technologies to gather data about you or how you use our Services.

Opt-Outs for Analytics Providers: You can use the browser settings mentioned above to disable analytics cookies, or, for some of our suppliers, you can use their specific opt-out options:

Googles Privacy Policy, Google Analytics Opt-Out, Omnitures Privacy Policy, its affiliates0, its affiliates1, and its affiliates2

The list above is not all-inclusive and only serves as an illustration of some of our analytics providers. The efficacy of any other providers’ opt-out systems is not our responsibility.

Flash Local Storage: These cookies, often referred to as local shared objects, may be used by us, advertisers, and other third parties to display content or store your preferences. In the storage section of your Flash Player Settings Manager, remove the Flash cookies.

The majority of third-party marketers provide an option to decline receiving their interest-based advertising. Please visit the following website, depending on your country of residence, for further details or to choose not to receive interest-based advertising from participating third-party advertisers:

its affiliates3its affiliates4its affiliates5its affiliates6
You can also choose not to receive advertising from some of the companies we work with by going to their opt-out pages:

Googles Privacy Policy, its affiliates7, its affiliates8, its affiliates9, here0, here1, here2, and here3

These are only a few examples of our advertising partners; the list is not all-inclusive. Furthermore, we are not accountable for any of these suppliers’ opt-out methods’ performance.

You will still see adverts when you opt out, but they might not be as pertinent to you.

Mobile Settings: You can control the collection of information for use in mobile apps that serve interest-based advertising by adjusting the settings on your device. This includes controlling the collection of location data. You can choose the Limit Ad Tracking (for iOS devices) or Opt out of Ads Personalization (for Android devices) options in your device settings to prevent Nielsen or other third parties from tracking your mobile behavior.

Linked Devices: Check the device settings for connected devices, such as smart TVs or streaming devices, and choose the option that enables you to turn off automated content recognition or ad tracking. These gadgets typically ask you to disable features like interest-based advertising, interactive TV, or smart interaction in order to opt out, limit ad monitoring, or both. The options depend on the type of device.

Cross-Device Tracking: The different techniques mentioned above can be used to opt out of our browser-based cross-device tracking for advertising reasons. On every browser and device you use, you must separately opt out. Visit the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance for additional details on cross-device matching. If you choose not to have your data collected across devices for advertising purposes, we may still do so for analytics.

Consequences of Cookie Deactivation: If you disable or delete Cookies, some Services features may not operate as intended. Information may still be gathered and utilized for internal operations, research, online service analytics, or other purposes. It may also be used to recall your preferences for opting out.


Please get in touch with us at or the Chief Privacy Officer, NBCUniversal Legal Department, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112, US, if you have any questions regarding this cookies notice.

Please contact us at or Privacy, Legal Department, Central Saint Giles, St Giles High Street, London, WC2H 8NU, UK with any questions from users who live in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland.


Periodically and in compliance with legal obligations, this Notice may be amended. To stay up to date on how we, as well as our analytic and advertising partners, use cookies, please check our Cookie Notice frequently.

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