Upon seeing their owners again, dogs shed happy tears, according to a new study

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Actually, sure.
A recent study found that when dogs are reunited with their owners after being apart from them for 5-7 hours, they cry with happiness.
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The findings was released on Monday and was published in the journal Current Biology.
In a press statement regarding the study, Takefumi Kikusui of Azabu University in Japan stated, “We observed that dogs shed tears connected with happy feelings.”
“We also identified oxytocin as a potential underlying mechanism behind it.”

"There is joy, there is memory  dogs are smarter than people think."

“There is joy, there is memory dogs are smarter than people think.”

Kikusui and his team discovered the dog tears after his own two standard poodles had puppies six years ago.

Kikusui noticed that whenever his dog was nursing the puppies there seemed to be tears on the dog’s face, though those tears weren’t falling like human tears.

To compare the amount of tears shed by dogs before and after being reunited with their owners, researchers utilized a common test.

Kikusui added, “That gave me the thought that oxytocin might increase weeping.”


The “love hormone,” as defined by Kikusui, is oxytocin.
He then carried out an experiment.

His team of researchers measured the amount of tears shed by dogs before and after the animals were reunited with their owners using a common test.

The dogs' tear volume increased when the pets were reunited with their owners, a new study has found.

When canines were reunited with their owners, as opposed to other persons the dogs were unfamiliar with, they discovered that tear volume rose.

According to the press release, the researchers were also aware that during contacts, oxytocin is released in both dogs and their owners.
We had no idea that animals cry when they are happy, like when they are reunited with their owners.
To test whether it made dogs cry, they conducted the “reunification experiment.”
That result lends credence to the hypothesis that oxytocin release contributes to the production of tears when people and their pets reunite.

The study's new findings about dogs and tears came as a surprise, said the lead researcher.

According to the release, these results imply that dogs’ tears contribute to the development of deeper bonds between owners and their canine companions.

It also demonstrates the close emotional ties that exist between people and their beloved pets.


Despite the fact that there is still much to learn, Kikusui claimed that the results were unexpected.

We were all thrilled that this would be a world first because “we had never heard of the revelation that animals shed tears in joyous situations, such as reuniting with their owners,” he added in the media release.

Dogs tear production apparently helps forge stronger connections between people and their dogs, according to a new study.

“There is delight, there is recollection,” a New Yorker who had dogs as pets as a child said. “Dogs are wiser than people realize.”

He remembered how his family’s German shepherd reacted to him after he finished basic training.
By then, she had puppies.

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