The top 13 shops for women’s cashmere sweaters, from budget-friendly boutiques to size-inclusive retailers

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There is a good reason why cashmere sweaters are usually quite expensive. After seeing a cashmere factory, Business Insider noted that the process of making these warm garments is laborious and time-consuming.

But now, a new generation of knitwear companies is upending the market by providing premium cashmere at comparatively low costs. These products are ideal for anyone wishing to stock up without emptying their bank accounts, even if luxury cashmere is still occasionally worthwhile to spend the extra money on. Additionally, you can spend even less if you’re open to cashmere blends.

The companies on this list put an emphasis on wearability, affordability, sustainability, or a mix of all three, making them the best places to start (or restart) your cashmere collection. Find out more about the testing and research conducted by Insider Reviews on fashion and beauty goods.

A word about fit

The focus of this guide is on sweaters made for cisgender women. The fit, shape, and design of these garments have everything to do with what the industry refers to as “women’s sweaters.” Women’s sweaters typically have a smaller, less boxy silhouette than men’s sweaters do. However, regardless of gender or how the garment is labeled, we believe that everyone should feel free to wear any style of sweater. You might want to look for cashmere sweaters made for guys if you prefer a boxy, oversized look.


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