Before it was discovered that the entire affair was faked, a TikTok with over 10 million views claimed that a medical student discovered she was pregnant during an ultrasound lesson.

A popular video that seemed to depict a pregnant medical student learning the news was phony. On October 15, @beesjourneyyy posted a TikTok that received over 18 million views. The staged scenario was videotaped for a class competition, the author of the piece has acknowledged. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! Before the creator admitted it was all manufactured, a TikTok video that claimed to depict a medical student getting an ultrasound in class and learning she is pregnant attracted millions of views and stunned comments.

In the video, which was uploaded by TikToker user @beesjourneyyy on October 15, showed a woman placed an ultrasound machine on a student’s stomach while pointing at the screen, which displayed a picture of a fetus.

The video’s uploader added words on the screen that said, “When you have a terrible day and you get a surprise,” and wished the woman “congratulations.”

The video has received 18.8 million views as of Wednesday.

Some users made the assumption that the woman was already pregnant but wanted to surprise her classmates. They said that there was no way she could have been unaware because the pregnancy appeared to be pretty advanced. However, several people who commented beneath the video expressing amazement and claiming they would be “upset” to learn of their pregnancy in such a public way seemed to accept the narrative.

@beesjourneyyy Although the 4-minute video is lengthy, it does address your questions. If you have any other inquiries, do leave a remark. #sonographer #sonographerstudent #didsheknow ♬ original sound – Bee Two days later, the author uploaded another video published a post in which she revealed that Jessica, the woman she refers to in the post, and the other students had already known she was expecting before the ultrasound. 182,000 people watched the follow-up video, indicating that most people who watched the first one probably didn’t see it or know it wasn’t real.

Whoever created the greatest video regarding diagnostic medical stenography would win a class competition, according to the TikToker.

We made the decision to act as though we were unaware of Jessica’s pregnancy. We were so astonished that it appeared to be real, and we thought it was humorous. I anticipated it would go viral, but I did not anticipate this video to receive over 12 million views, she said.

She continued by saying that they would be producing more “skits” and videos in a similar vein for “extra credit” in their course.

@beesjourneyyy Although the 4-minute video is lengthy, it does address your questions. If you have any other inquiries, do leave a remark. #sonographer #sonographerstudent #didsheknow ♬ original sound – Bee A few viewers were upset that the “unique” pregnancy announcement was a hoax and asserted that “nothing interesting on the internet is true” beneath the follow-up video, which users commented claimed the group deserved an award for because it appeared so genuine. Although it was faked, several viewers claimed they didn’t care because it was still a funny video.

It has happened before that popular TikToks or trends became viral but turned out to be false. Earlier this year, police informed viewers that films purporting to show a “genuine mermaid” were phony after they went viral. More recently, a TikToker deceived millions of users by posing as an AI-generated image. To satirize the viral fearmongering of social media challenges, @beesjourneyyy 0, a TikTok developer recently made up a trend called the “porcelain challenge.”

A request for response from Insider was not immediately met with an answer from @beesjourneyyy.

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