Wealthy dentist accused of killing his wife while on an African safari is up for trial.

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NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! The guilt of a wealthy dentist accused of murdering his wife by shooting her in the heart while on a 2016 safari in Africa is being considered by a jury. He allegedly did this so he could be with his longstanding mistress.

Lawrence Rudolph, 67, is at risk of receiving the death penalty if the jury of six men and six women convicts him of killing Bianca Rudolph, his wife of 34 years.

The case was presented to the jury in U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado, on Friday following the closing arguments from both sides.

She was shot once in the heart with a hunting rifle on October 11, 2016, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Bryan Fields, who testified before the jury. The couple were big-game hunting enthusiasts.

A photo of Bianca and Lawrence Rudolph with their grown son on a hunting trip. Lawrence Rudolph is on trial for murdering his wife on a trip to Zambia, so he could be with his mistress.

A picture shows Bianca and Lawrence Rudolph hunting with their adult son. Lawrence Rudolph could be with his lover because he is on trial for the murder of his wife while traveling to Zambia. (Facebook)

Lawrence Rudolph’s attorneys claim that his wife accidentally shot herself at around 5:30 a.m. when she hurriedly dropped the revolver while packing.

Fields said that the angle of the shot, which was 2 to 3.5 feet away from Bianca Rudolph and slightly above her, could not have been the result of the gun inadvertently firing.

In order to be with his office assistant-turned-mistress Lori Milliron, who is being tried alongside him for being an accessory after the fact and lying to a grand jury, Lawrence Rudolph shot her in the head in cold blood, according to the prosecution.

Fields said that Bianca Rudoph had pushed him to fire Milliron.

Bianca and Lawrence "Larry" Rudolph are pictured on a trip before her October 2016 murder in Zambia.

Bianca and Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph are pictured on a trip before her October 2016 murder in Zambia. (Facebook)

The dentist, who owned a successful dental franchise in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania , had a net worth of $15 million that he didn’t want to split with his wife in the event of a divorce, according to prosecutors. After Bianca Rudolph’s alleged murder, Lawrence Rudolph cashed in on nearly $5 million in accidental death and life insurance polices.

Local Zambian authorities and the insurance companies, which conducted their own investigations, concluded that Bianca’s death was an accident.

Lawrence Rudolph’s conduct after the killing was suspicious, Assistant U.S. Attorney Garreth Winstead told jurors. He filed the insurance claim the day before his wife’s funeral, went to Las Vegas with a woman who was not his mistress the day after the funeral and invited Milliron to move into his home that same month.

Most damning, though, was the claim that Lawrence Rudolph confessed within earshot of a bartender at a steakhouse in Phoenix near Paradise Valley, Arizona , where he and Milliron bought a home together.

Lawrence Rudolph with a ram he hunted. He's on trial for murdering his wife so he could run off with his mistress.

Hunted ram with Lawrence Rudolph. He is accused of killing his wife so that he could leave with his mistress. (Facebook)

Early in 2020, the bartender claimed to have heard Rudolph say, “I killed my f——g wife for you!” Rudolph claimed that when he learned that the FBI was looking into him, he actually exclaimed, “Now they’re saying I killed my f——-g wife for you!”

Rudolph stated in his testimony from last week that he was happy in his open marriage. He informed the jury when testifying, “I would not murder my wife.”

David Markus, the defense attorney, asserted that although his client may not be likeable, that does not make him a murderer.

Image 4: On July 13, 2022, Lawrence and Bianca Rudolph’s son (on the left) and daughter (on the rear right) attended their father’s trial for the murder of their mother at U.S. District Court in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Friday’s proceedings came to a conclusion, and Rudolph turned to face his two adult children, Julian and Anabianca Rudolph, who were watching from the gallery. Before being led out through a side door, he made the sign of the cross. The kids have stood behind their dad.

Because Rudolph, who is also charged with mail fraud, is alleged to have defrauded insurance firms with offices in Colorado, the trial is being held in Denver.

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