War between Russia and Ukraine: A weekly review and outlook (Aug. 22)

On Saturday in Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukrainians tour a street where decommissioned Russian military equipment is on display. Associated Press hide caption

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by Andrew Kravchenko for AP On Saturday in Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukrainians tour a street where decommissioned Russian military equipment is on display.

AP Photo/Andrew Kravchenko Here is a summary of the most significant events from the previous week and a look ahead as the new week begins.

THIS WEEK’S MUST-SEE TV Wednesday marks the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s proclamation of independence from Soviet domination. Due to the possibility of Russian strikes, authorities have forbidden public celebrations in Kyiv and issued warnings against gatherings throughout.

Additionally, on February 24th, six months had passed since the beginning of Russia’s extensive invasion of Ukraine.
In Russian-occupied Mariupol, presumably as soon as Wednesday , a trial for seized Ukrainian combatants is anticipated to start.

And on Thursday, the Cluster Munition Monitor 2022 report will be released will be released, containing research on the use of land mines and cluster munitions during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEK August 15: According to United Nations human rights workers, 5,514 civilians killed and 7,698 injuries have been reported in Ukraine since the war started in February, but the actual number is likely far higher because of the prolonged fighting. Many more civilians were reported killed and injured in Ukraine on the day of the U.N. update.

Men from the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Croatia were charged by a Russian-backed separatist court in Donetsk charged with serving as mercenaries for Ukraine. According to the Russian Tass news agency, pleaded not guilty and three of them are two of the five men who could be executed.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, declared that Moscow is prepared to AA9 with its allies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

On August 16, explosions rocked Crimea, damaging the peninsula’s railway as well as an ammo store, an airfield, a power plant, and other structures. The blasts were designated as soon as Wednesday 0 by the Russian Defense Ministry. Military as soon as Wednesday 1 are probably a part of a Ukrainian counteroffensive, however Ukraine declined to claim responsibility. Later that week, Crimea was visited by as soon as Wednesday 2 Russian authorities.

Parliament of Ukraine, as soon as Wednesday 3, for three more months.

Ban Ki-moon, a former U.N. secretary general, and Juan Manuel Santos, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, were both in Ukraine. Outside of Kyiv, the scene of widespread civilian deaths during the Russian assault, they AA14 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and AA15.

China has sent 16 as soon as Wednesday 6 personnel to Russia on August 17 to take part in joint military drills with the armed forces of Belarus, India, and other nations. From August 30 to September 5, Russia intends to conduct as soon as Wednesday 7 drills.

Ceremonies honoring the victims of Bucha kept going. The graves of as soon as Wednesday 8, according to local officials, were marked with numbers rather than names on this day.

as soon as Wednesday 9 includes the troubled Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and the deaths of war prisoners, President Zelenskyy received the head of the United Nations and the president of Turkey on August 18. An agreement reached in July to resume Ukraine’s grain exports was hailed as a “ report will be released 0″ by U.N. Secretary-General Antnio Guterres, who also noted that 560,000 metric tons of grain and other commodities have already left the country.

Russia bombarded the city of Kharkiv in northern Ukraine with rockets, report will be released 1 and destroyed residences and an report will be released 2.

Moscow’s former Starbucks flagship coffee shop reopened under the names report will be released 3 and Stars Coffee, two new yet related brands. Rapper Timati and restauranteur Anton Pinskiy are the co-owners in Russia. In May, the Seattle-based business declared it was leaving Russia due to its “horrific onslaught on Ukraine.”

On August 19, French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone. report will be released 4 Putin consented to letting an international team of experts analyze the alleged damage at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power facility in Russian-occupied southern Ukraine.

According to the Defense Department, the United States is delivering weaponry worth $775 million to report will be released 5 in the country’s south, which has turned into the major battleground. Drones, anti-mine vehicles, and anti-tank missiles are all part of the most recent package.

Daria Dugina, a prominent Russian nationalist theorist’s daughter, perished in a car explosion on August 20 outside of Moscow. According to Dugin’s allies and Russian media, he was the targeted victim. The death was attributed to Ukrainian agents by Russian officials, while the Ukrainian government denied any involvement.

In Kyiv, Ukraine set up a mock parade of Russian tanks and other military equipment that had been attacked.

On August 21, Russian forces attacked locations close to the Ukrainian port of Odesa and report will be released 6, a town in southern Ukraine close to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station. However, the U.S. think tank report will be released 7 claims that Russian has consistently failed to convert modest tactical victories into operational achievements.

President Biden spoke with the leaders of France, Germany, and the UK about helping Ukraine and the worrying situation at the Zaporizhzhia plant, which is home to Europe’s largest nuclear power plant and is located in a region of southern Ukraine that is under Russian influence.

IN-DEPTH A Ukrainian community worries about a spill across the river from a nuclear reactor that is under Russian control.
Ukraine’s first lady appeared in Vogue and encouraged people to #SitLikeAGirl.
The WNBA players union president discusses Brittney Griner’s prolonged imprisonment.
Humanitarian organizations get ready to deliver Ukrainians winter assistance.
assessing the security of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Zaporizhzia.
Europe’s need for coal is increasing as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
The ambulance staff in Ukraine, many of whom are volunteers, risk their lives every day.
To keep people and products moving, Ukraine’s rail infrastructure is operating at full capacity.
report will be released 9 is unable to exit the nation.
SEPARATE REPORT The world is changing as a result of Russia’s war in Ukraine; its ramifications can be seen everywhere.

PREVIOUS DEVELOPMENTS Past summaries can be read here. You can discover more of NPR’s coverage here for context and in-depth reports. For updates throughout the day, you can also download the State of Ukraine podcast from NPR and subscribe to it.


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