Twitter explodes in response to Biden’s end-of-the-world predictions

President Joe Biden’s Thursday night “nuclear Armageddon” speech shocked and disturbed prominent Twitter users.

Biden warned participants at a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Thursday night that the United States was just as near to “Armageddon” as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s.

Biden expressed concern about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most recent threats to deploy nuclear weapons in the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine “When he mentions the use of tactical nuclear weapons, biological weapons, or chemical weapons, “Putin” is not joking. Since Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis, we have not had to deal with the possibility of Armageddon.”

Former Russian insider weighs in on the likelihood of a nuclear move as PUTIN turns 70.

President Biden visits IBM in Poughkeepsie, New York, where he warned the audience that the U.S. is close to nuclear war with Russia.

Putin reportedly said, “I want to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction, and for separate components and more modern than those of NATO countries, and when the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, to protect Russia and our people, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal.” This was according to Fox News Digital’s report from last month.

In Biden’s opinion, there is no such thing as an easy way to employ a tactical weapon without causing Armageddon.

Many blue-check Twitter users, particularly the president’s detractors, were horrified by the video of Biden’s comments and accused him of playing a significant role in leading the nation down this path.

Mollie Hemingway, the editor-in-chief of The Federalist, tweeted, “When the media ran Biden’s 2020 campaign, they vowed not simply to get rid of the president they detested for bringing about peace and prosperity, but also to install responsible adult leadership in his place. They have brought us dangerously close to nuclear Armageddon.”

Fox News contributor Byron York questioned why Biden hadn’t made his statements on the subject in front of a larger crowd or on a more prominent platform.

“Nothing is more important to the country than the possibility of nuclear war, according to Joe Biden’s Armageddon fundraiser. Consequently, why does the president make his longest statements on the matter to a tiny audience at a Manhattan Democratic fundraiser? “Tweeted he.

The question posed by conservative actor James Woods was, “Will this bitter political hack eventually kill the planet in nuclear war in his last attempt for power as his weary plans become one sad catastrophe after another?”

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, attends the Victory Day military parade marking the 77th anniversary of the end of World War II in Moscow, Russia, Monday, May 9, 2022. (Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP) (Mikhail Metzel, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

Tim Young, a conservative journalist and comedian, tweeted, “Good morning to everyone except the stupid Biden government who is casually trying to ignite a nuclear war.”

“Biden issues a nuclear Armageddon warning. Who had this on their 2022 bingo card?” Ian Miles Cheong, a conservative commentator, tweeted.

“America is on the verge of a nuclear war thanks to Joe Biden and the experts from the globalist movement. They’ve only been in charge for a few months. We experienced four years of calm under President Trump. That is the worst, “Mary Miller, a Republican running for congress in Illinois, remarked.


John Nichols, author of The Nation, criticized the media for not taking Vice President Biden’s warnings seriously enough “Tonight in New York, President Biden expressed concern that when Russian President Vladimir Putin mentions the potential use of tactical nuclear or biological weapons, he is not joking. The majority of media outlets don’t seem to realize how severe of a situation this is.”

Matthew Foldi, a former Republican candidate for congress, tweeted: “Therefore, either Joe Biden is deliberately exaggerating the threat of nuclear apocalypse, or Americans are presently facing the prospect of being instantly vaporized by a nuclear weapon as a result of this administration’s failures. How is this not a major scandal in the country?”

“We had a flourishing economy, no new wars, peace, and wealth under Trump. Were on the precipice of nuclear Armageddon under Biden “Ryan Fournier, the founder of Students for Trump, wrote.

President Biden claimed that America is as close to nuclear war with Russia as it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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