Tulsi Gabbard criticizes the left for their censorship and rejection of “real truth” “Conform or it will be canceled.”


Tulsi Gabbard, a former congresswoman, claimed that those in the “highest positions of power” are trying to intimidate others who dissent and are rejecting objective fact.

In a speech to the Independent Women’s Forum on Thursday night, Gabbard described the mindset as “as un-American as it gets” and declared that “it is conform or be canceled.”

As Democratic Party leaders refuse to define the term “woman,” Gabbard stressed the significance of preserving what it means to be a woman. She also criticized the left for promoting cancel culture and censorship.


“Those who deny the biological distinctions between a man and a woman are not only deleting women as a category of individuals, they are also denying the existence of objective reality, and the “truth” becomes whatever those in power want it to be,” stated the author.

During her Senate confirmation hearing, Gabbard emphasized that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was unable to explain what a woman was.

We have a Supreme Court justice, woke lawmakers in Washington, and a White House administration that are unable and unwilling to define what a woman is.

When female athletes object to playing against biological males, Gabbard called out the Democratic Party’s hypocrisy for failing to support women’s sports. The Democratic Party claims to be on the side of feminists.

How contentious is it to describe what a woman is? Gabbard enquired. “To deny that there is such a thing as a woman is the height of hypocrisy for those who profess to be feminists, who claim to be champions for women over decades.”

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