The solution to Biden’s energy plans harming the US and Europe

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! The short-lived and heavily publicized gas price break did little to help Americans this summer who were struggling financially. The international oil cartel, OPEC , has now declared that the moratorium is over and has announced significant production cuts of 2 million barrels per day. According to talking points that were leaked, the White House considers this action to be a “complete disaster,” which is true. Team Biden won’t acknowledge that it’s a problem they created, though.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated that “oil and gas prices are coming down” in response to a question regarding the OPEC announced cuts. I suppose we shouldn’t believe our deceiving eyes and disregard our emptying wallets. It’s a stupid and poor response, but it’s not unexpected. The Biden administration has relied on finger-pointing, diversion, and a variety of political gimmicks in the face of a limited oil supply and persistently high gas costs, but no long-term answers.

The export of gasoline, diesel, and other refined oil products is currently being considered as the newest political gimmick. Such a step would seriously affect our refining sector, harm our partners abroad, and increase gas prices. Furthermore, it might jeopardize national security by forcing nations that currently depend on US exports, including Latin America, to turn to other nations like Russia or China for their energy requirements. According to one research analyzing the effects of an export restriction, gas prices may rise by 15 cents per gallon in some regions while up to 120,000 jobs could be lost over the course of two years.


The continuous discharge of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which will reach its lowest level since 1984 by the end of October, is another ploy. The Biden administration declared a further 10 million barrel release scheduled for November in reaction to the OPEC announcement. However, Team Biden has spent months depleting this strategic resource in an effort to alleviate voters’ anxieties about high gas prices. Historically, this asset was utilized for interruptions brought on by natural disasters, not political disasters. This endeavor is also failing.

As families struggle in the Biden economy, the realities of inflation and expensive gas remain top of mind. A Rasmussen poll indicates that 87% of prospective American voters are concerned about high gas costs, and 57% of them are highly concerned. Voters have cause for concern because of how vulnerable we are to energy and because they are paying attention to the effects of energy on Europe.


We don’t need to guess about the scope of potential future effects related to a strategy against fossil fuels. They are actually taking place among our partners in Europe. It was clear that relying too much on subpar energy sources like wind and solar while also becoming more reliant on Vladimir Putin, who has long written about using energy as a geopolitical weapon, was a formula for disaster. Objective energy specialists frequently voiced worries regarding Europe’s aspirations to “a climate-neutral society” by 2050 and plans for green energy. President Trump directly alerted European leaders of the impending implications in 2018.

In addition to severe food shortages, Europe is currently grappling with electricity rates that have soared by 400%. As they prepare for a winter without Russian gas, some European countries are considering energy rationing and criminal penalties for anyone who sets their thermostat outside the permitted temperatures. According to estimates, the cost of heating houses in Europe will be seven times higher this winter, forcing many people to choose between feeding and heating.

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