The softest, coziest loungewear we’ve ever worn is made by Jambys, a new unisex pajama brand that we tried.

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A well-known new company called Jambys produces loungewear and pajamas in unisex sizes. The fabrics are as comfortable as your go-to old T-shirt while also being supple and long-lasting like high-end athletic apparel. Below, we’ve shared our observations, size advice, and images from testing Jambys loungewear. Get weekly emails with frank reviews of the best goods and services. Thank you for registering! When you’re on the go, access your favorite topics in a customized feed. A few years ago, it seemed crazy to spend a lot of money on clothing that would only be worn inside the home, but today, loungewear is one of the apparel categories with the fastest growth rates.

One of my go-to stores at home is Jambys, a new business that makes unisex loungewear and which you’ve certainly seen on Instagram. Jambys are pajama-inspired clothing, as you would have guessed from the name. Styles include boxer-like shorts, large shirts and hoodies, and thin joggers. Its fashions come in a variety of hues and even some entertaining patterns.

Jambys has created an unrivaled level of comfort by fusing the style of pajama-like loungewear with the materials and construction of sports wear, so we essentially never want to take them off.

COMFORT AND SUSTAINABILITY OF JAMBYS The Modal fabric is crucial to Jambys’ comfort. It is not only incredibly soft but also more environmentally friendly than cotton. The fibers of beechwood trees, which require less water to grow than cotton, are used to make modal, a plant-based product. The Modal fabric is then woven into an extremely soft French terry after being combined with some Spandex for added comfort.


I was immediately struck by how soft all of the Jambys goods were that I tested. I had a premonition that they would be wonderfully comfy before I ever put them on, and I was right. At first, I though Jambys’ claim that its products are “performance inactivewear” was just clever marketing, but it’s actually the ideal description of the clothing.

Although they are designed in more relaxed shapes that are ideal for lounging, the JamTee and Long Jambys both have the stretch and feel of sportswear. Imagine them as your favorite jogger trousers or compression t-shirt, but softer and roomier for comfort.

Over the years, I’ve tested dozens of T-shirts, and the Brooklinen Prospect Tee, which is 50% modal and 50% cotton, is one of my personal favorites for lounging. The JamTee is the only loungewear T-shirt I’ve tested that outperforms it in comfort and softness, with a composition of 95% modal and 5% spandex.

The Long Jambys are equally as cozy as the JamTee and are constructed from the same materials.

The Air JamTee, which weighs half as much as the original JamTee, is transparent, even in black. It’s important to keep in mind that a lighter color will probably be more transparent than black if you choose that option. The Air JamTee was a great alternative to staying in the house naked throughout the summer, but I doubt I’d wear it outside like a regular T-shirt.

All three pieces have withstood numerous washes and dryings with no issues. The only thing I don’t like about them is how quickly they wrinkle, but that’s not really a problem when I’m just hanging out at home.


I adore everything plush and comfortable. For my job, I’ve evaluated countless brands of pajamas and loungewear, but Jambys may be the best. Because most designs created for men are excessively long and most types made for women sit right at the butt cheek, shorts are a difficult sort of loungewear or pajama bottom to get properly. The Jambys shorts are the ideal mid-length and don’t poke into my stomach, which is a great turn-off with pajama shorts. They also have an incredibly stretchy elastic waistband.

The JamTee is equally cozy and supple, making it ideal for relaxing or napping. Although I did get my regular size, and it does fit me with some wiggle room, I generally prefer that additional bit of roominess from an oversized fit. I recommend ordering a size higher for added coziness.

I won’t deny that I didn’t like the way the hoodie wrinkled. The wrinkles in the picture above were caused by sleeping, but it wasn’t completely smooth when I took it out of my drawers either. I believe the reason is simply because there is a lot of extra fabric around the stomach area to give it that big fit, which also gives the cloth a lot of opportunities to scrunch up.

However, the long-sleeve shirt and leggings are quite warm. I will most certainly use these on cool fall and winter evenings.

CONS TO REMEMBER Jambys are rather pricey, costing $47 for the traditional JamTee and $73 for Long Jambys. However, if you have the extra cash, we think investing in high-quality loungewear is definitely worth it.

The cloth may also become pulled or snagged if you have a pet that enjoys cuddling, particularly a cat with pointed claws. We discovered that Jambys don’t withstand our pets’ abuse as well as stronger cotton alternatives.

THE CONCLUSION Its apparel is really hard-wearing and will probably never wear out if you solely use it for lounging because it is made to look and feel like sports gear. Jambys is one of the top loungewear brands we’ve tried because of this and the comfort.

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