The “scars” of Kenosha: Wisconsin Republicans are going on a tour of the city two years after the riots flared up

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Two years after anti-police protests wreaked havoc on the city, two Wisconsin Republicans will be walking the streets of Kenosha, FIRST ON FOX reports.

In honor of the two-year anniversary of the deadly riots, Rep. Bryan Steil, R-Wis., and Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels will tour Kenosha’s scarred streets on Tuesday.

Prior to visiting the areas of Kenosha that have been affected, Steil told Fox News Digital that he and Michels intend to meet with the Kenosha Police Union.


Kenosha County Sheriff and police officers in riot gear form a line behind a burning truck during demonstrations against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 24, 2020.

Before participating in a roundtable discussion with members of the local law enforcement community, the two will also visit with “a business owner whose shop was burned to the ground by rioters over the course of three nights of riots in Kenosha.”

The same narrative that we saw during and after the riots in Kenosha—that Kenosha required more resources—will be evident, Steil said, with a two-year retrospective. “Governor Evers neglected to make those extra resources available.”

And as a result, he continued, “not only was there property damage and terrible injuries from the rioting, but individuals eventually lost their lives and none of that had to happen.” If only Governor Evers and Mandela Barnes hadn’t made provocative remarks before to having all the information,

Following the shooting of Jacob Blake, Evers alleged that law enforcement officers had “mercilessly slain” Black Americans.

Barnes, on the other hand, accused the officers of wrongdoing and asserted that Blake, who was carrying a knife, was shot while “trying to deescalate a conflict in his community.”

The Republican congressman slammed the Democrat governor for rejecting federal assistance from former President Trump and claimed that much of the violence in Kenosha might have been “prevented” if Evers “had delivered the resources that Kenosha needed.”

Steil added that the thousands of residents of Kenosha were negatively harmed by the governor’s lack of leadership. It was a clear example of the far-tendency left’s to follow its political base rather than taking the necessary precautions to protect members of the community in which they live.

“Everyone has a right to feel comfortable in our town, in my opinion. Definitely everyone, “The congressman kept talking. And in many respects, the damage, injuries, and ultimately fatalities were caused by our governor’s failure to offer that aid.

Although Kenosha is a “strong” community, Steil noted that “the scars of those three nights are still felt.”

Steil stated that there are still some destroyed buildings that have not been rebuilt. “Boards that were installed on several structures throughout those three nights are still there. Overall though, Kenosha has recovered and is doing so better than ever.”

Steils campaign published images of still-boarded shops and building-tagged police-targeting graffiti.

A boarded-up business in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
A boarded-up business in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

When Kenosha police arrived in response to a 911 call from the mother of Blake’s children, Blake was attempting to flee while brandishing a knife. He was largely crippled as a result of the tragedy, which also led to a wave of violent protests in 2020. At least $50 million in damages were caused by violent protests in Kenosha, and thousands of National Guard men had to be summoned to put an end to the subsequent pandemonium.

Blake was allegedly unarmed when he was shot, according to a bogus narrative spread by several liberal media outlets.

Michels, who is running for governor against Democrat incumbent Tony Evers, mentioned his trip with Steil on Tuesday and criticized the Cheese State governor for how he handled the riots.

Businessman and Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor Tim Michels is running against Democrat incumbent Governor Tony Evers for the governor's mansion.

A new governor is required because the incumbent Democrat “will clearly fail Wisconsin again if a similar situation should arise,” according to the businessman and GOP nominee. He also claimed that the majority of people would “categorize” Evers’ and Barnes’ remarks in the wake of the shooting as “failed leadership.”

According to Michels, “Kenosha demonstrated that Tony Evers was a weak leader.” He sat about for days until arriving in Kenosha after three or four days of rioting, looting, and burning.

“That is not what people want in a leader. People are looking for a leader who will uphold the law, “said the GOP candidate. And Tony Evers fell short in that regard.

As governor, Michels added, he would make sure that any future riots “where Antifa-type people who have the purpose of burning and looting and destroying businesses and neighborhoods” arise” are dealt with quickly.”

“I’ll get there as soon as I can. I’m hoping to start collaborating with law enforcement, the fire department, business leaders, and the National Guard within the first hour “said Michels. “To make sure that it is turned off right away.”

Additionally, neighborhoods and businesses in Wisconsin won’t ever burn down again under my governorship, Michels continued.
Two years after the riots, the small business community in Kenosha is still suffering from their effects.

A boarded-up business in Kenosha, Wisconsin. (Photo courtesy of Rep. Bryan Steil's campaign.)
A boarded-up business in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

After the incident, Scott Carpenter, owner of the family-run burned down by rioters furniture store in Kenosha, told Fox News Digital that his company is “still working on recovering totally.”

Carpenter added that although his business had relocated to a rental property as a result of the fire, his inventory had been either incinerated by the flames or ruined by smoke or water.

The proprietor of the store in Kenosha claimed that the remarks made by the governor and lieutenant governor startled him and that he thought Evers and Barnes’ comments after the shooting “gave the light green” for the rioters.

They simply went bonkers, said Carpenter.
Carpenter recalled seeing a flier directing store owners to close their doors by 3 PM the day following the first day of unrest.

“You see, we were in trouble. You should be aware that we were under siege “After the third day of unrest, Carpenter stated when the National Guard came. “You know, you had folks speeding through stoplights and driving around with their license plates off their vehicles.”

He said, “And I mean, they were just acting in a disorderly manner. “It was simply crazy. It was a terrifying week.”

In a phone interview with Fox News Digital, Pete Deates, president of the Kenosha Police Union, said that while the community is “probably stronger than before” and Kenosha is “extremely resilient,” “there’s always that little bit of worry if it’ll happen again.”

Due to the riots, Deates claimed that the Kenosha police department “lost a lot of personnel” and that hiring has become difficult. However, she added that the cops that remained “have become a more cohesive, stronger, stronger organization.”

He also had harsh words for Evers and Barnes, labeling their language as “unbelievable” and asserting that it appears they are attempting to “create problems” with their statements.

Remnants of graffiti of a dead pig on a Kenosha building with the slang andquot;F*** 12andquot;  meaning andquot;f***andquot; cops. (Photo courtesy of Rep. Bryan Steil's campaign.)

Deates stated, “It seems like they’re just trying to stir things up, just trying to start problems, you know, which in turn increases the danger for everyone who’s involved.” Everyone in the city, including and especially us, including the residents and business owners.

Tuesday, August 23, the two-year anniversary of the tragic riots, is set aside for the tour and conversation.

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