The NBA community is divided on whether hitting a teammate, like Draymond Green of the Warriors did, is acceptable.

After Draymond Green hit Jordan Poole, the NBA community is divided over the issue of whether fights occur frequently during practices. While some current and past players claim that punches like Green’s happen frequently, others claim to have never witnessed one. Many people’s opinions of the brawl were altered after viewing the incident’s footage. Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! Some in the sports community found it startling and aggressive when Draymond Green punched Jordan Poole during a Golden State Warriors practice. Others thought it was just another day in the NBA.

Voices from throughout the NBA have chimed in in response to Green’s actions, which video of which was leaked to TMZ escalated the drama surrounding the incident.

While everyone agrees it was wrong (and made worse by the fact that it was visible), there hasn’t been much agreement on how frequently this occurs in the NBA.

Reggie Miller, an NBA Hall of Famer and TNT analyst, claimed on a media teleconference last week that “this happens practically all the time.” “I cannot tell you how many battles I have had with teammates.”

However, the apparent intent in Green’s hit caught many observers and viewers off guard.

Green may be seen approaching Poole in the footage and speaking with him. Green responded to Poole’s shove with a powerful swing, throwing his entire body into it. Poole and Green didn’t appear to click, and teammates and coaches broke it up right away.

Green received a fine from the Warriors and missed some time with them, but he wasn’t suspended in the traditional sense. Since then, the 10-year NBA veteran has rejoined the group.

Richard Jefferson, a former NBA forward and ESPN analyst, wasn’t shocked by the video.

“This is what I anticipated when I heard about the punch,” he said. I’ve witnessed similar kinds of behaviors before, therefore the video doesn’t surprise me. Jefferson said on ‘NBA Today.’

While practice fights may not be as widespread as they once were, multiple coaches and players told NBA reporter Marc Stein wrote on his Substack that they still occur much more frequently than we typically hear on the outside.

ARE FIGHTS BEING REPLACED BY OTHER ACTIVITIES? But many current players thought Green’s hit was out of the ordinary and were stunned by it.

Kevin Durant, who notably got into a verbal altercation with Green on the floor while playing for the Warriors, claimed to have never witnessed anything like it.

I’ve heard that occurs frequently in the NBA. When asked about the punch, Durant informed reporters, “I had never seen nothing like it before.”

However, what Draymond and I did a few years ago is a common occurrence. I’m not sure how this situation is like, but it’s simple to get past things like that.

It’s uncommon, he continued. I’ve played in the league for 16 years, and up until recently, I had never seen that on camera.
Evan Fournier of the New York Knicks tweeted that he didn’t believe a punch like Alonzo Green’s could ever be forgotten.

E. Fournier (@EvanFourmizz) October 7, 2022 Even at his most enraged, the former NBA guard and The Ringer podcast host Raja Bell said had engaged in fights before, but he had never attempted to punch someone like Green did.

According to Steve Kerr, who memorably fought Michael Jordan when playing for the Chicago Bulls, fights aren’t as regular these days since practices aren’t as tough.

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