The most recent test of Democrats’ rhetoric on abortion was the New York special election.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! The Democratic Party’s abortion campaign playbook will be put to the test in a special election in New York on Tuesday as they attempt to offset Republican messaging on the economy and inflation in order to hold a Democratic seat with the November election only 11 weeks away.

Democratic Ulster County Executive Patrick Ryan and Republican Marc Molinaro, the executive of Dutchess County, who has concentrated on inflation, gas costs, and crime, are facing off in the Empire State’s 19th Congressional District, which includes New York’s Catskills and mid-Hudson Valley.

Both Ryan and Molinaro are running to take Antonio Delgado’s place, the Democrat who left his position to become lieutenant governor of New York this summer. Delgado’s remaining term expires in 2023.

New York prepares for a major primary that will result in the loss of at least one Democratic House leader.

Democrat Pat Ryan and Republican Marc Molinaro will go head-to-head Tuesday in a special election to represent New York's 19th Congressional District.

Ryan, an Army veteran, stated during a campaign rally in Woodstock that he hopes to “send another message as the national spotlight starts to shift” to Democrats in the final week of his campaigning to represent the 19th District, which then-presidential candidate Joe Biden won by less than 2 points in the 2020 election.

He referred to a Kansas referendum result last month that barred elected officials from regulating abortion in the Midwestern state and added, “Think about the message sent in Kansas, think about the message we can send right here.”

If the government seeks to control women’s bodies, how can we be a free nation? Ryan posed the question in his initial advertisement. I didn’t fight to protect that country, she said.

However, during a Molinaro campaign event, the conversation stayed firmly fixed on topics like crime and the economy.

“This election is a special one. It concerns the 19th Congressional District’s electorate. Furthermore, it is deceitful and mildly offensive to inform them of your concerns “added he. “They worry about their safety and they are afraid of the future. I keep hearing it.”

According to a recent post on social media by Molinaro, “under one-party rule our neighborhoods are experiencing uncontrollable inflation, a government-fostered crime wave, and significant tax rises.” I’m running for office in Congress to provide the voice that is much needed in Washington, D.C., to combat this madness.

Having run an unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 2018 against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Molinaro, who was once the youngest mayor in the country when he was elected to represent Tivoli as a teenager, has name recognition in the race. In the state, the Republican received slightly more than 2.2 million votes compared to Cuomo’s 3.63 million.

In the primary debate, NADLER requests additional federal funding for the NYPD while denying prior support for police defunding.

Marc Molinaro and Pat Ryan talk before the start of a candidate forum at the Roscoe Beer Co. in Roscoe, New York, on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2022.

In the 2018 race for the seat, incumbent Republican candidate Delgado came out on top, but he was easily re-elected in the 2020 election. In the 2016 presidential election, former President Donald Trump won the district despite Joe Biden’s victory.

Redistricting has resulted in both Molinaro and Ryan being on the primary ballot for the general election in addition to the special election on Tuesday to complete the remainder of Delgado’s term.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, D-New York, who is currently running to represent the state’s 17th District in the House, left his seat vacant, and Ryan is hoping to win a full term to fill it. Ryan’s opponent in the general election, should he make it there, will be Colin Schmitt, the Republican and Conservative Party nominees who won the primary with no opposition.

In the Republican primary, Molinaro is the only candidate standing for the position of state representative for the newly created 19th District. Josh Riley, an attorney, and Jamie Cheney, a business entrepreneur, are the two Democratic candidates vying to represent the district in the November election; however, their opponent has not yet been chosen.

The U.S. Capitol dome is lit by the morning sun, March 14, 2022.

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