The juvenile suspect suspected of killing two teenagers has been apprehended in North Carolina.

Authorities in North Carolina have detained the 17-year-old suspect who is suspected of killing teens Devin Clark and Lyric Woods on September 17.

That afternoon, in a remote part of Mebane, Clark, 18, and Woods, 14, were discovered shot to death. When they last saw the buddies on the night of September 16, their families had reported them missing.

“The families and friends of Devin and Lyric, who have suffered a terrible loss, may find some solace in this apprehension. Evidently, the suspect’s arrest does not bring their cherished one back to them. The grieving process takes time, so we hope the neighborhood will continue to console them in their suffering “Charles Blackwood, the sheriff of Orange County, said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to North Carolina law, Orange County officials are prohibited from disclosing any additional information regarding a minor criminal suspect, including the defendant’s identity.
Authorities are looking for a suspect in the deaths of Devin Clark and Lyric Woods in North Carolina.

Devin Clark and Lyric Woods were found dead off Buckhorn Road in Mebane, North Carolina, on Sept. 17.

The applicable statute forbids not just the publishing of the juvenile’s identity, but also the disclosure of information about who apprehended the person and when and where the apprehension occurred, according to Blackwood. “Although we are aware that our community is eager for information to assist it digest this tragedy, the laws protecting the privacy of minors are unbreakable. Even with the increased interest in this case, we are unable to ignore them.”


How long the young suspect managed to avoid the police is unknown.

The site where Devin Clark's and Lyric Woods' bodies were found in Mebane, North Carolina.

Last month, the sheriff’s office said that it had submitted a petition to prosecute the young suspect with two charges of first-degree murder in connection with the shooting deaths of Clark and Woods.

Clark played football as a junior at East Alamance High School in Mebane. Woods was a freshman at Hillsborough’s Cedar Ridge High School.

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