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The new host of Life Kit is Marielle Segarra. Marielle Segarra’s courtesy hide caption
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The new host of Life Kit is Marielle Segarra.

Marielle Segarra’s generosity Growth and progress are very important to us at Life Kit, both for our audience and for ourselves. So join us in welcome Marielle Segarra to the Life Kit neighborhood as our new host! Our show has long desired a regular host, so we are happy that Segarra will be leading the charge as we go into the next phase.

Segarra joins NPR from Marketplace, where she covered money, finance, and the relationship between the economy and our daily lives. She has reported on the lack of paid family leave in the U.S. , the function of makeup during a pandemic , and the jarring experience of returning to the workplace in August 2020 over the years.

Yoga, running in the park near her home, and discovering new ways to connect with her Puerto Rican, German, and Polish ancestry are some of her interests. She calls New York City home.

I discussed with her my love of Gilmore Girls, my ambitions for this new position, and her self-care practices. This conversation has been condensed and made more concise.

What feature of Life Kit do you appreciate best?

Life Kit is open-minded and frightened. Every episode seems like a good deed. You are not alone, the hosts are letting you know. We’ve spent time figuring out how to assist you. Our team has your back.

What a beautiful way to say it. Any particular favorites?

Recent events have made it easier for me to be more aware of my body. I was reminded of how important it is to occasionally put my phone down and be unreachable by the episode on how to take a break from the internet.

Prior to my recent trip to Paris, it was good to listen to the Jenny Odell interview about being aware of your surroundings. That particular event gave me the idea to stop following a map or a schedule and instead take in everything around me with all of my senses. I was better able to fully appreciate the experience.

Here you may hear Marielle’s favorite Life Kit episodes.

Segarra, who previously hosted Marketplace, joins NPR with the intention of continuing to cover money and financial issues as the new host of Life Kit. hiding caption by Brandon Watson/NPR

switch to caption NPR/Brandon Watson For more than ten years, you’ve covered money, finances, and the economy. How has this song altered your perspective on the subject?

It assisted me in making the best responsible financial decisions I could while being strapped for cash. I suddenly found myself speaking it. I began to understand things like my health insurance coverage, for instance.

One of the reasons I enjoy discussing money is because of this. I want to assist individuals because I now hold the keys to this locked door and because I once lived somewhere I didn’t comprehend it.

Do you intend to bring anything from that world to Life Kit?

To help people manage their credit card debt or do their taxes for free using IRS forms rather of paid services like TurboTax or Handamp;R Block, I’d love to create a personal finance series. When you do your own tax returns, you begin to gain a better understanding of how our tax system operates and how to make future financial savings.

Our shows frequently feature themes related to self-care. What customs do you have for filling your cup?

In fact, I’m looking at an ancestral altar in my room right now as part of my daily ritual. In addition to the perfume stopper from my grandmother’s perfume bottle, it contains “pictures” of other family members. Each morning, I greet “my ancestors.” I call them by name. My family gives me a solid foundation, and performing this practice helps me reconnect with myself.

Any life tips that you’ve been really into recently?

When you travel, pack zip-lock bags. They will undoubtedly come in handy for the apple core, your wet socks from the rain, and any other unforeseen items that require plastic storage.

Segarra describes this image of herself as a young child as “myself as a kid asking inquiries.” picture provided by Marielle Segarra remove caption

switch to caption Thanks to Marielle Segarra for the photo How did you behave as a young child? Have you always wished to work in journalism?

I was undoubtedly the child who would record themselves reporting fake news. When I was in the fifth grade, I won this essay contest and received a gift certificate to “the electronics store,” P. C. Richard and Son. So I went out and got a tiny tape recorder, which I then utilized to record people.

I also viewed Gilmore Girls frequently, and Rory Gilmore was my favorite.
I also adored that program. Rory had a talent for writing and eventually went into journalism.
My audio journey started when I joined the alt-rock radio station instead of my undergraduate newspaper as she had planned.
And here you are at NPR right now! What career guidance did you receive that helped you reach this point?

Just be who you are. When writing, be true to yourself, be real when it makes sense, and bring your ideas, even if they make you feel a little exposed.

On Monday, watch Life Kit to see Segarra’s first episode. Please join us in extending her a warm welcome. Send her a note through email.
with “For Marielle” in the subject line.

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