The 28-year-old Georgia woman’s tragic fall from a police cruiser is captured on bodycam footage.

After slipping out of a police cruiser while handcuffed in the backseat, 28-year-old Brianna Grier passed away in July. Now that authorities have determined that one of the car’s doors wasn’t closed, her family is demanding explanations. Bodycam footage of the moments leading up to and following the tragic fall was made available by investigators. Join our weekday newsletter list to receive original analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Authorities in Georgia revealed body camera footage from a fatal accident that occurred last month after a woman, who was detained, fell out of a police cruiser, on Friday.

The parents of 28-year-old Brianna Grier claim they dialed 911 after she experienced a mental health episode and made threats to hurt both herself and her twins, who are 3 years old. According to multiple reports. , Grier had a schizophrenia diagnosis.

Her family reported that an ambulance normally arrived to transport her to the hospital whenever they called, but that on the evening of July 15, only the police reacted to the incident.

Grier was arrested and handcuffed when said sheriff’s officers came to her family’s home, according to human rights lawyer Ben Crump for the Griers. She was then put in a squad car without a seatbelt.

Before being put in the patrol car, Grier requests a breathalyzer test and insists she isn’t intoxicated, according to body camera footage from one of the deputies.

(Caution: This footage may be upsetting to some viewers.)

Attorney Crump, or Ben Crump July 30, 2022 Then, as they bring her to their car, she is seen arguing with the officers. The officers would have to knock Grier out in order to get her into the car, Grier is heard shouting.

You may tase me, I don’t care, I don’t care, Grier yells as one of the deputies raises his taser. The officer holsters the taser and declares that he will not use it on her.

Grier is eventually lifted off the ground and put inside the police vehicle by the two officers. The video captures a deputy stopping and getting out of his car less than a minute after it leaves the scene.

Grier is then discovered face-down and unmoving close to the highway. Grier does not answer when the deputy calls her name or taps on her side repeatedly.

Then, a second officer, who appeared to be operating a different car, pulls up to the scene and confirms that Grier is still breathing. As they call for an ambulance, the officer then tries unsuccessfully to convince Grier to sit up.

Investigators said Grier suffered serious injuries in the incident and passed away in the hospital six days later. Crump claimed that as a result of the incident, she had sustained a brain injury.

Grier’s fall from the car is thought to have been caused by the rear passenger side door not being latched, according to investi gators said on Wednesday.

Notably, neither of the policemen was seen engaging with the open door in the video. To which the second cop replies, “Yes,” one of them can be heard asking the other if it was closed.

Additionally, the video doesn’t show Grier stepping out of the police car.

Marvin and Mary Grier, Grier’s parents, have demanded explanations for their daughter’s passing. “We need solutions. We need a resolution. The reality must be known “Marvin Grier, per CBS News , remarked

Crump called the officers’ actions “reckless conduct” and chastised them. According to the source, he said, “Deliberate apathy at the hands of someone who was undergoing a mental health crisis.”

The attorney has requested the release of bodycam footage from the other deputy present and asked for “complete transparency” from the police.

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