The 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to French author Annie Ernaux.

Erneaux was captured in a 1984 shot and is well recognized for her works that address sexism, shame, and class. Getty Images/Pierre Guillaud remove caption

switch to caption Getty Images/Pierre Guillaud Erneaux, who was captured in

in 1984, is renowned for her works that address misogyny, shame, and class.

Getty Images/Pierre Guillaud The 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature has been given to the French author Annie Ernaux. The works of the 82-year-old author are renowned for blurring the boundaries between memoir and fiction.

the committee noted praised the “clinical clarity with which she discovers the roots, estrangements, and collective limits of personal memory” in making the announcement. During his remarks, the permanent secretary also mentioned that they had been unable to get in touch with Ernaux to inform her of the victory.

In 1940, Ernaux was born in France. In 1974, she published her debut book, Cleaned Out, an autobiographical novel about getting an abortion while it was still forbidden in France. She worked covertly on the book. “After my first manuscript, my hubby had teased me,” she told the New York Times in 2020 To get some alone time, “I claimed to work on a Ph.D. thesis.”

In 1990, the book was translated into English.

When the award was announced, Anders Olsson, the head of the Nobel committee for literature, was questioned about whether it was politically motivated to honor someone who had written so passionately against abortion. Olsson disagreed, stating that the committee was more concerned with the value of books. Given that, “It’s crucial for us as well that the laureate’s work has a global impact. that it is accessible to all.”

After delving into her personal background for several years, Ernaux wrote The Years, which many critics hailed as her breakthrough work. The Years was a thorough examination of the culture that gave rise to her when it was first released in 2008. Ernaux avoided using the pronoun “I” in favor of a more inclusive “we,” or occasionally “she,” even though it was an analysis of each year of her life from 1940 to 2006.

Azarin Sadegh, a contributor for the LA Review of Books, described reading The Years to looking through old family photos.

According to Sadegh, the reader sees the past’s imagery as “broken shapes and forms with holes all throughout.” “As you peruse this collection of pictures and writing, the past seems to surround you. The majority of the moments lived that could only be partially remembered and partially documented in photographs have already passed.”

A Girl’s Story, one of her books, was translated into English in 2020. It brought up memories of her first sexual encounters as a teenager and exposed the humiliation of it all just before the sexual revolution.

Look at the Lights, My Love by Erneaux is another work that is being translated into English and is scheduled to be released in 2023. It is a “reflection on the phenomenon of the big-box super shop,” according to the book’s press release. Obviously, as seen through Ernaux’s own memory.

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