Students at the University of Southern Maine demand that the lecturer who claimed there are only two sexes be fired.

Because a professor at the University of Southern Maine claimed that there are only two sexes, the students there are calling for their dismissal.

Education professor Christy Hammer allegedly asserted that there are only two biological sexes on September 7 during a lesson on “Creating a Positive Learning Environment,” which infuriated the graduate students in her class, according to the Bangor Daily News .

One student in the class disagreed with the lecturer during a contentious discussion over gender identity, according to the report. The majority of students in the class agreed that gender and biological sex are on a range.

Campus Reform further covered the incident.

Elizabeth Leibiger, a non-binary person who missed the Sept. 7 meeting, brought up the subject once more on Sept. 14. Leibiger felt “under personal attack” after learning that there are only two sexes when she received the professor’s response.


Education professor Christy Hammer allegedly stated that there are only two biological sexes on September 7 during a lecture on “Creating a Positive Learning Environment,” which outraged the graduate students in her class, according to the Bangor Daily News.

Leibiger said, “I asked Hammer how many sexes there were.” “Two, she said. I had a personal assault.”

The report states that on September 14 during a class period, 21 of the 22 students in Hammer’s class made the decision to leave and that a restorative justice conference be organized with the university’s School of Education and Human Development.

Leibiger stated, “I told her I didn’t think she was qualified to teach a course about good learning environments. “It’s the height of irony,”

The facilitated restorative justice meeting was held, but students claimed the news source that Hammer didn’t change her mind and was still adamant that only the terms “male” and “female” apply to sexes.

Nearly a dozen graduate students in the class urged that Hammer be replaced in total, according to the article. According to the story, they think the professor is transphobic.

The report claims that as a result of her decision, children don’t want to go back to class and will only return if a new teacher is chosen.

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Adam Tuchinsky, the interim provost, told the Bangor Daily News that the incident is “supporting” students.
Tuchinsky stated, “We are aware of this circumstance and are moving to give kids the assistance they require.
One pupil suggested to the news organization that the lecturer either undergo diversity training or resign.
Leibiger remarked, “I want her to either resign or at least do some diversity training.”

The class, which is necessary for graduate students, will have a “alternative” portion, the institution informed the Bangor Daily News on Monday. The professor wouldn’t be fired, the spokeswoman added.

According to a university representative, “We have established an alternate plan for this class and will be creating a new section of this course for those students who would prefer to move,” Any student who wants to stay in that class will continue in the original portion taught by professor Hammer.

University of Southern Maine campus

A petition demanding that the institution “must defend Professor Christy Hammer and Biological Fact” reportedly has 1,806 signatories.

“A university is ineffective as a learning environment if it cannot teach facts because its students find them to be too challenging. We, the undersigned, request that USM President Jacqueline Edmondson, Interim Provost Adam Tuchinsky, and Chair of the Department of Teacher Education Flynn Ross publicly support Professor Hammer and state that she won’t be fired or forced to stop stating that sex in humans is binary “says the petition.

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