Sisters of Carly Simon pass away one day apart following cancer battles: “I am overcome with sorrow”

A spokesman for singer-songwriter Carly Simon confirmed to Fox News Digital that her sisters passed away one day apart after battling cancer.
Joanna Simon, a former opera soprano, was 85, and Broadway composer Lucy Simon was 82.
Lucy had metastatic breast cancer and passed away on Thursday. According to Simon’s representative, Joanna Simon passed away the previous day after battling thyroid cancer.

“It breaks my heart to talk about Joanna and Lucy Simon’s passing. Their loss will linger for a very long time. As tragic as today is, Carly added in a statement obtained by Fox News Digital that “it’s hard to grieve them without appreciating the great lives they lived.”


We were three sisters who served as each other’s secret sharing in addition to taking turns blazing paths and marking courses for one another. the joint custodians of one another’s memories. The feeling of suddenly becoming the only living child of Richard and Andrea Simon directly cannot be expressed in words. They had a profound impact on everyone they met, and those of us who remain fortunate and privileged to preserve their memory. She said, “With enormous and unending love and respect.”

Lucy was nominated for a Tony Award in 1991 for her performance in the Broadway production of “The Secret Garden.”
As the Simon Sisters, Carly and Lucy once gave performances as openers for bands in folk clubs in Greenwich Village.
In Harmony and In Harmony 2, two Grammy-winning children’s CDs that Lucy and her husband David Levine produced, were released.
Julie Simon and James Levine were the couple’s two children. They also had four grandchildren: Sophie, Ben, Charlie, and Evie.

JACKIE KENNEDY ONASSIS was bid farewell by Carly Simon as she lay on her deathbed. IT WAS SURPRISING

The very outstanding vocalist Joanna made her stage debut as Mozart’s Cherubino at the New York City Opera in 1962, and she went on to have a successful career with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic, and the New York Philharmonic.

Before pursuing a career in real estate, Joanna worked as an arts correspondent for PBS’s “MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour” until 1992.

The three musically gifted Simon sisters were the offspring of publishing tycoon and founder of Simon

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