Shark! A 7-foot sand tiger shark was caught and released by a man in New Jersey.

In Sea Isle City, New Jersey, PJ Braun describes how he caught a seven-foot sand tiger shark.

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Read this article. Given that P.J. Braun is known as the “shark man,” it is somewhat expected that he just caught a seven-foot sand tiger shark in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

This “unquestionably attracted a lot of attention. On “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday morning, Braun said, “I didn’t really anticipate this to end up on the news, but here we are, getting the chance to talk about sharks.”

It’s a hobby I love, he continued.
Children and others are taught how to fish by Braun.
“Everyone’s clearly thrilled to witness healthy release,” he stated in reference to his release of the sand tiger shark.
He added that fishing has a long history in his family because he still possesses the rod that belonged to his great-grandfather.

P.J. Braun appeared on Wednesday on andquot;Fox and Friendsandquot; to discuss his wild fishing adventure  and his theories about why we're seeing bigger sharks closer to shore this year.

P.J. Braun made an appearance on “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday to talk about his crazy fishing expedition and his hypotheses regarding why this year we are seeing bigger sharks closer to shore. The Fox News

When we go fishing, “everyone’s always excited out there to see what we bring in,” he remarked.
And it’s wonderful to involve the children, especially my younger cousins.
“It is the ocean here. Sharks reside in this area.”

He added that it’s been nice to be outside, include people, and instruct them in fishing considering the COVID-19 pandemic during the previous few years, as well as how everyone has recently been “inside.”

It’s been wonderful, and it’s been wonderful for the sport.

Said Braun on Wednesday morning on andquot;Fox and Friends,andquot; andquot;This year we've caught a lot of bigger sharks. We've had a colder water season  That's just my fishing theory.andquot;

On “Fox and Friends” on Wednesday morning, Braun said: “We’ve captured a lot of larger sharks this year. That’s just my fishing hypothesis, but we’ve had a colder water season.” The Fox News

When asked if he’d recently seen larger sharks closer to shore, he responded, “It is the water here. Sharks reside in this area.”
Added he, “The game has expanded considerably. This may be the reason why it has recently attracted “greater” attention.”

Ready for its closeup: This photo taken on July 5, 2022, shows a sand tiger shark in the Scientific Center aquarium, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait.

Prepared for the spotlight: Photographed on July 5, 2022, in Kuwait’s Hawalli Governorate, this image of a sand tiger shark is from the Scientific Center aquarium. Getty Images/Asad/Xinhua

“We’ve captured a lot of larger sharks this year. Since the season has been cooler, I do believe that some larger sharks are entering the area while some lesser sharks are “staying further out,” “Braun added.

I’m not a scientist, but that’s just my fishing notion, he added.
He added, “It’s the water, it’s where sharks live, it’s their home.”

Watch the video at the top of this post or click here to access it to discover more about this man’s catch and release of the sand tiger shark.

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