Rep. Donalds criticizes the American Dream op-ed in the New York Times as “pure Democratic dog whistle tactics.”

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Florida Rep. Byron Donalds slammed The New York Times for being a “political arm of the Democratic Party” after reading an opinion piece that suggested Republicans of color were distorting the “American Dream.” Donalds claimed Tuesday on “Fox and Friends” that the publication was employing dog whistles without taking into account the fact that its own agenda was failing Americans.

The New York Times creates a right-wing media beat to examine the factors influencing many Americans’ political decisions.
BYRON DONALDS, REP. The New York Times always does things like this.

They don’t take the time to examine their own agenda, which they have long supported, and recognize that it is failing the American people, let alone people of color who live in the country. They want to dog whistle, which is what the New York Times and Democrats always do. They use these scare tactics to try to convince voters that Republicans are a part of some evil scheme. The New York Times is, in fact, nothing more than the Democratic Party’s political arm. And I’m done with it. The public is tired of it. We’ll see straight through this. That is stupidity. If you have the proper public policies in place to support it, the American dream is still very much alive. Here, having sound money, a low regulatory environment, securing the border effectively, and cheap taxes all matter. Republicans advocate for that. That is irrelevant to The New York Times. So they publish idiotic pieces like this one, which are nothing more than pure Democratic dog whistle politics in the eyes of everyone.


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