Producer of the horror movie “Terrifier 2” issues a “graphic violence” warning while viewers puke and faint in the theater.

Moviegoers are having visceral reactions to the first sequel in the “Terrifier” film series, with many saying they passed out or puked due to the gore.

Damien Leone’s a horror film film “Terrifier 2” centers on a resurrected Art the Clown who seeks to torture a young girl and her younger sibling on Halloween night .

Fans started tweeting their responses to the slasher film as soon as it opened in a few theaters.
‘My friend passed out and the theater summoned an ambulance,’ one user wrote on Twitter. Highly advisable.

A different commenter said, “So, I just finished watching Terrifier 2 and sure, this has been the most unsettling movie I have ever seen. Like the level of sadism in this s—- is different. After everything was over, we were completely speechless from shock.

Terrifier 2 is so graphic that one audience member reportedly confessed, “I puked in my popcorn.”

The filmmaker, Leone, reportedly tweeted to followers in response to the extreme reactions, writing, “To everyone alleging that reports of people fainting and puking during screenings of Terrifier 2 is a marketing tactic, I swear on the success of the picture that it is NOT. These reports are entirely accurate. I wish we had the intelligence to consider that. Nevertheless, we didn’t need to.

Leone is also listed as doing the makeup for the film’s special effects.
Producer Steve Barton shared a foreboding speech with viewers before admonishing them, “We aren’t done yet.”

Many fans on Twitter expressed their delight at the prospect of being so tormented by a movie, despite the fact that many had what would be called a less than favorable reaction.

While another simply said, “I’m (sic) going to see terrifier 2 if I don’t weep and puke I want my money back,” one other tweeted, “terrifier 2 better make me puke.”

Despite only being shown in a few cinemas, the movie reportedly cost $250 000 to produce yet earned nearly $1.8 million in two weeks. It was made available in cooperation with Cinedigm.

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