Parents in Uvalde are “disgusted” that a police officer who is being investigated for her actions during the horrific mass shooting was appointed as a district police officer.

According to CNN, a Texas DPS officer who is being investigated for her actions after the shooting at Robb Elementary School has been hired by the Uval school system. Parents from Uvalde told CNN that they are “disgusted” and “uncomfortable” with the district’s choice to appoint Crimson Elizondo. In a statement, the parents said that “her appointment calls into doubt the legitimacy and completeness of UCISD’s HR and vetting methods.” Join our weekday newsletter list to receive original analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. CNN reported was recently employed as a police officer for the school district and is one of the seven Texas Department of Public Safety officers under investigation for their actions during the fatal Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Parents in Uvalde are “disgusted” by the move, according to according to CNN .

Parents complained to the publication that one of the 376 police officers who let a shooter to barricade himself inside a classroom full of students and teachers for 77 minutes and massacre 19 students and two teachers is now responsible for watching over their children every day.

Some parents told CNN they recognized Elizondo from the body camera footage taken on the day of the incident as they dropped off their kids at Uvalde Elementary for the new school year.

“The hiring of Officer Crimson Elizondo by the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (UCISD) has angered and disgusted us. Her appointment casts doubt on the objectivity and completeness of UCISD’s vetting and human resources procedures “based on a statement from family members that CNN has access to.

According to the statement, all departmental officers who are being looked at for their actions during the incident should be placed on administrative leave while the investigation is going on, CNN said.

The parents reportedly encouraged the district to inform the public and the victims’ relatives of the findings of the independent probe.

“Our kids have been taken away. We won’t give up until we’ve found solutions, and we’ll make sure that the children in our neighborhood are always put first “the statement read, according to CNN.

Requests for comments from Insider were not immediately answered by Texas DPS or the Uvalde School Board.

Parent Brett Cross, who is the legal guardian of deceased student Uziyah Garcia, told CNN that Uvalde Superintendent Hal Harrell assured him that any new hires in the district would not be DPS officers who responded to the shooting in May after the district announced at a town hall meeting in August that at least 33 DPS officers would join the district’s security team.

To CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Cross said, “I’m absolutely appalled.”
Cross continued by saying that the school board had offered to remove the police from their positions and hire them for jobs off-campus.

Cross told CNN that he will keep holding vigils outside the school board’s headquarters until all of the policemen who are being investigated have been fired.

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