Parents are upset with a high school student’s mural because they believe it contains hidden messages.

The Child and Adolescent Health Center at Grant Middle School in Michigan has this mural on one of its walls. Grant Middle School’s Child and Adolescent Health Center hide caption

switch to caption Grant Middle School’s Center for Child and Adolescent Health The Child and Adolescent Health Center at Grant Middle School in Michigan has this mural on one of its walls.

Parents who claim that a painted mural in Michigan contains LGBTQ propaganda, a picture of Satan, and a message of witchcraft have taken issue with the Child and Adolescent Health Center, Grant Middle School authorities, and a high school student.

The Grant Middle School teen health center’s wall is covered with a painting that was done by a Grant, Michigan, high school sophomore who won a contest.

The artwork includes hooded figures, nurses with bunny and bear heads, and happy students wearing garlands of vibrant colors. One student is donning a blue T-shirt with stripes that are pink and white, the colors of the transgender flag. Another student is dressed in short overalls, a T-shirt with rainbow stripes, and tights. Parents claim that the rainbow stripes are a representation of the pride flag’s colors. The bisexual flag’s colors, pink on top, royal blue on bottom, and an interlacing purple stripe in the centre, are worn by two other pupils as tops.

The artist also added other tiny line drawings, including a mask that some parents have claimed represents Satan and a hamsa hand that, while typically seen as a representation of God’s hand, has drawn criticism for being a symbol of witchcraft by some adults. Both the hand and the mask are design components that were absent from the artist’s initial contest entry.

ANGRY PARENTS AIR THEIR WORRIES A school board meeting last week that was covered by the local Grand Rapids news channel WZZM saw a heated debate on the mural’s meaning that frequently bordered on civility.

Angry parents made accusations that the artist purposefully used the mural’s “Stay Healthy” theme to promote anti-Christian themes throughout the majority of the meeting.
One individual stated during open discussion that it was “discrimination against Christian ideas” and that it also constituted “hate propaganda.”

According to a woman, “When people simulate things that are like real life, it’s a mental disorder.” she asked for more school counselors. We require therapists. We require medicine to treat bipolar disorder. Change their thinking.

The juvenile artist made an effort to soothe her parents’ concerns about her motives and her work.
She added in a trembling voice, “I put my artwork up there to make people feel welcome.

Adults accused her of plotting to include evil images, but she responded, “That’s not what I’m a part of.” That is not the message I want to convey.

The youngster clarified that the painted hand is a Latino symbol of protection and that the so-called Satan mask is a character from a video game. She eventually broke down and left the gathering.

One of the attendees got up and said, “I feel that she did a really fantastic job finding explanations to defend the items she put on. Nobody here is that foolish.

QUEER STUDENTS SAY THE ARTWORK COMFORTS THEM One student who identified as LGBT and claimed to have experienced bullying from other students stated the mural helped them feel included.

They said to the parents in the room, “Perhaps you should be more concerned with your children’s actions instead of what art is on the wall.”

Another mom, who identified herself as a “conservative, right-wing, gun-loving American,” criticized other parents for being so scathing in their criticism of the student artist.
She remarked, “I’ve never encountered more racist people in my life.”

A FEW IMAGES WILL BE REMOVED FOREVER. On October 13, district officials announced that the artist will take down all components, such as the mask and the hamsa hand, that differed from the initial design submission that had been authorized by the administration after meeting with “all stakeholders concerned.”

Therefore, both the one wearing rainbow stripes and the one wearing a pink and white striped shirt will remain.

We are dedicated to fostering civility, respect, understanding, and inclusivity at Grant Public Schools. In a district statement, it was stated that “we do not condone and we will not accept discrimination, harassment, or bullying, whether in word, deed, or on social media.”

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