One of “The Walking Deadmost “‘s intriguing adversaries failed, squandering significant promise for the show’s closing episodes.

There are spoilers for “What’s Been Lost,” episode 20 of “TWD” season 11. Carol (Melissa McBride) kills a Commonwealth citizen in an unexpected move. The death seems like a missed chance to tie together many episodes of “The Walking Dead.” Morning Brew is read by more than 3 million people; you should too! Thank you for registering! On its most recent episode, “The Walking Dead” claimed another victim.

Carol (Melissa McBride), who had turned down a chance to leave the Commonwealth, shot Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) in the neck with an arrow before he could attempt to shoot both her and Daryl (Norman Reedus) to death.

Lance was left on the ground to perish by himself as Carol and Daryl continued their journey.

Lance died alone and without the love of many, making it one of the sadder and more devastating “TWD” deaths. AMC Although we had been expecting Lance to pass away—he was near the top of our list of anticipated demises by the time the program ended—his passing came a little too soon and in a less than satisfying manner than we had wanted.

In addition to failing one of its most intriguing adversaries, Sunday’s episode also squandered a chance to tie “TWD” to its expansive universe.
We don’t know what happens to Lance in the comics. The outcome of Lance is never made clear in the comics.

He is a minor, unimportant character in the comics, and as the story skips ahead 25 years in the final issue, he is just never seen again.

As far as we know, Lance makes it to “TWD’s” penultimate issue.

Lance was introduced in April’s midseason finale, which foreshadowed his role as the main antagonist in the next eight episodes of the series. In that episode, Lance was shot in the face and horrifyingly lined up the Oceanside neighborhood to murder everyone there.

The character from the television adaption, expertly portrayed by Hamilton, was gradually becoming into a crazy, cunning lunatic, replete with a coin that he used to administer his own own brand of twisted justice.

This Lance was dreadful, What happened to him? AMC It was a fun diversion from the comics, where Lance is arguably a rather dull character.
However, the reality was different.

After going on a brief rampage in the show’s midseason premiere, Lance’s momentum as a villain was abruptly stopped when he was imprisoned. His friends Calhoun and Shira were supposed to break him out of prison, but that never happened because Calhoun was apprehended and killed in season 11, episode 18. (Shira’s present whereabouts are unknown.)

With only a few episodes left in the season, the program decided it was finished with that plot and wanted to move on to tying up some of its many other arcs rather than letting Lance go on a thrilling adventure against Daryl’s gang.

And that’s unfortunate.

A longer storyline with Lance might have been in the cards if “TWD” had been extended for a few more seasons, as was the initial idea. (Many items seem to be from ‘TWD’s’ last season has changed .)

It frustrates me as a viewer because it seems like the show spent an entire arc of episodes on Daryl’s ex and her group when it easily could have — and should have — concentrated on Lance’s far more interesting descent. It seems that the show ran out of time to fully examine Lance, rather than that his death was merited.


In addition to the character’s unrealized potential, Lance’s death was also frustrating because it could have been used to tie “TWD” and at least one of its spin-off series together.

The Civic Republic Military (CRM), the organization with functioning helicopters who presumably have Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and who were expanded upon on spin-off series, “TWD: World Beyond,” for two plodding seasons, has been the subject of small moments from this season that I’ve been hoping would pay off by connecting Lance to.

A sizable army of black-clad CRM soldiers appears to have been assembled particularly to oppose the white-armored warriors of the Commonwealth. Lance discussed moving some supplies to another project in episode 13 of season 11.

It seems that he might have been implying an affiliation with another group at the time, perhaps the 200,000-member CRM. But it appears more plausible that Lance was referring to the railroad project rather than a partnership with the CRM since Sunday’s show made it clear that the Commonwealth has been working on re-establishing a train network on the east coast.

What was Lance referencing here? Perhaps the railroad project alone was to blame. AMC It seems much less likely now that Lance is gone that he had any connection to them, but maybe the CRM will still appear in the last episodes of the show.

If Lance were to die, certain “stabilizing elements” and relationships might cause issues for the Commonwealth, Lance told Pamela.

What was Lance referencing here? Will this moment be successful? AMC We’ll see if anything transpires from that ostensibly crucial line of speech now that Lance is dead.

Even if Lance was lying, it’s unlikely that a group of 200,000 people wouldn’t be aware of the Commonwealth, which, as Lance reiterates on Sunday’s program, is composed of 50,000 people. Given that both groups have stations on the east coast, it is more unlikely that one would be unaware of the other if it had a network of operational railways and the other had active helicopters.

However, it would have been far more gratifying and brilliant to see that the cunning Lance Hornsby was, as he warned Pamela two episodes earlier, “very much” in whatever game Pamela was playing. I’m still hopeful that the two groups will connect or face off in the final episodes.

Instead, Lance’s departure from “TWD” confirms Pamela’s quick judgment that her second-in-command was nothing more than a crazy young lad.

The development of Lance’s character up to the mid-season finale showed viewers he possessed the possibility of being much more, thus in that sense, “TWD” failed Lance.

You can keep up with our coverage of “TWD” here.

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