Officials in North Carolina said a suspect, 15, was detained after 5 people were shot and two were injured in a neighborhood in Raleigh.

In connection with a shooting that took place Thursday night in Raleigh, North Carolina, that left five people dead and two more injured, authorities said a 15-year-old suspect was apprehended following a “long standoff” with police.

Roy Cooper, the governor of North Carolina, described the shooting rampage as “the dread of every community.”

A neighborhood northeast of downtown Raleigh witnessed the gunfire, which prompted advisories to locals to stay indoors. According to Mayor Mary-Anne Baldwin, one of the fatally injured was a police officer who was not on duty.

The suspect had been detained and was in critical condition, according to Raleigh Police Chief Estella D. Patterson at a news conference on Friday morning.
He was not given a name.
There was no mention of a motive or the background of the suspect.

When asked when the suspect would be charged and for what offense, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman responded that authorities planned to charge him as an adult.

“We are still waiting for updates on the suspect’s health. Petitions for minors have been submitted. Our intention would be to move these cases to Superior Court and prosecute the defendant as an adult.

Ages of the deceased victims, according to Patterson, varied from 16 to 52.

Nicole Connors, 52, Susan Karnatz, 49, Mary Marshall, 35, off-duty Raleigh police officer Gabriel Torres, 29, who was traveling to work, and a 16-year-old white man were all recognized. James Thompson was identified by his high school on Friday.

Casey Clark, a 33-year-old Raleigh police officer who was treated and released from the hospital, and Marcille Gardner, a 59-year-old woman who was in critical condition, were the two people who were hurt.

Cooper informed the media that “terror has come to our doorstep tonight.” on Thursday. “Raleigh is living the nightmare of every community.” This was a needless, horrifying, and incredibly upsetting act of violence.

We must put an end to the senseless gun violence that is occurring all throughout our nation, Baldwin stated. Too many people have been hurt. We need to get up.

According to Patterson, the crime scene was “expansive” and spanned over two miles on Friday morning.

In a statement on Friday, President Joe Biden said he was grieving with the families of the victims. He also demanded the outlawing of assault rifles.

After yet another mass shooting in America, Biden remarked, “Jill and I are grieving with the families in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose loved ones were slain and wounded.” We are considering yet another community that has been rocked and torn apart by the passing of friends, neighbors, and an off-duty police officer.

‘There are too many mass shootings around America, including ones that don’t even reach the national headlines,’ he continued, “and even in just the five months since Buffalo and Uvalde…. We must enact an assault weapons ban.’

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