NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! This week, Fox News Digital’s series Election Spotlight, which invites candidates in competitive races to react to a common set of policy and political questions, is focused on the contentious contest for the Pennsylvania Senate.

Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and Democratic lieutenant governor John Fetterman discussed topics such as President Biden’s administration, the economy, energy, and more with Fox News Digital.

The two contenders engaged in a duel had the following to say.

How would you rate Joe Bidens’ handling of the presidency on a scale of 1 to 10, and why? The American people are hurting, and we need to make sure that the government is doing everything in its power to cut prices and assist working people, said Fetterman. There is still work to be done.

Dr. Oz: The Republican Party is the only thing Joe Biden is bringing back stronger.

Joe Biden has absolutely failed our nation and received a zero for not showing up, said Oz. He has ruined our country with his reckless spending, attacks on American energy, inability to control inflation, and open border policies.

Even though the majority of Americans believe that Joe Biden’s administration is not moving the country in the proper direction, my opponent, John Fetterman, gave him a high grade during a debate earlier this year. We will win in November and assist Republicans in taking back control of the Senate because of this.

Dr. Oz is television personality and cardiothoracic surgeon.

DO YOU BELIEVE A RECESSION HAS BEGUN IN THE ECONOMY? IF YOU WERE ELECTED THIS NOVEMBER, HOW WOULD YOU RESET THE ECONOMY? Fetterman: “We still have a lot of work to do to bring down prices for working people across this country and to control inflation and growing costs. Hurt people exist. I would keep up the fight against inflation by developing domestic manufacturing and streamlining our supply networks. More shit will be produced in America, resulting in lower pricing for everyone and more well-paying jobs for Pennsylvanians. In addition, I would fight against corporate greed and CEOs who are raking in record profits while continually raising taxes on Pennsylvanians. Dr. Oz is my opponent, and he lacks the courage to stand up, take on the CEOs and corporate special interests, and fight to lower prices for working people.

In old Reddit posts, John Fetterman criticizes Pennyslvania and laments his privileged life.

Whatever the Biden administration likes to call it, a recession is when the GDP declines for two consecutive quarters. John Fetterman’s proposed spending plans would only exacerbate the situation. The US economy has entered a recession as a result of Joe Biden and his Democratic rubber-stampers like John Fetterman. It’s time to defend American households and stop our economy from spiraling out of control by implementing an all-encompassing energy strategy with a focus on natural gas. We also need to stop borrowing money and engaging in rash expenditure that overheats the economy.

John Fetterman currently serves as Pennsylvania's Democrat Lieutenant Governor.

WHAT IS A FACT ABOUT YOUR OPPOSITION THAT VOTER SHOULD KNOW? Fetterman: Since it’s illegal to pump your own gas in Dr. Oz’s home state of New Jersey, he doesn’t notice a difference in price when he fills up his tank, according to my multimillionaire celebrity opponent. He fails to grasp it. At the gas pump or the supermarket shop, he is unaffected by price increases. He is unaware of the struggles that families in Pennsylvania face.

“Moving to Pennsylvania from New Jersey to try to seize our Senate seat is part of a greater issue, which is who Oz truly is: a fraud who’s just utilizing the people of Pennsylvania for his latest vanity project,” said a senator from Pennsylvania.

Oz: “My opponent is a socialist like Bernie Sanders. By dismantling our energy business, John Fetterman’s radical, leftist proposals would raise gas prices for everyone. He has also referred to fracking as Pennsylvania’s “stain.” He has argued for the release of incarcerated inmates, which will make our communities less safe. It makes sense that the Democratic Party’s radical left leaders AOC and Elizabeth Warren would support someone who holds similar beliefs.

“It’s time John Fetterman started openly defending his insane ideas on matters like support for deadly sanctuary city policies, the decriminalization of all drugs, energy-depleting policies like the Green New Deal, and trillions more in needless spending,” the statement reads.

Dr. Mehmet Oz is endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE PRIMARY CONCERN IN YOUR STATE? Fetterman: “Inflation and price increases continue to be the most crucial issues in Pennsylvania. It still costs a lot more than it did a year ago for me to fill up my Dodge RAM. Almost everything I purchase when I go grocery shopping is more expensive.

“The federal gas tax needs to be suspended in order to give consumers immediate relief at the pump if we’re serious about lowering gas costs. Additionally, we should keep using American oil and develop and spend more on American energy. But it’s not just at the gas pump that inflation affects us. It’s all over. We should therefore produce more than just energy at home. Everything is it. In order to lower costs broadly, we should be stepping up production across industries and expanding capacity and supply. When the supply chain begins and finishes here at home rather than relying on foreign nations, it becomes much less complicated.


Oz: “Energy from Pennsylvania can help us resolve our current energy dilemma. Under our feet is enough natural gas to power the entire nation for more than 200 years. However, Joe Biden and John Fetterman have launched a campaign against American energy, making us dependent on our foes throughout the world. Fracking was referred to as a stain on Pennsylvania by John Fetterman, who advocated for the Keystone Pipeline to be abandoned.

Instead of asking for energy from countries like Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, we need to unleash the power of American energy. We could use American energy to lower gas prices and regain American energy superiority if the government got out of the way of our Pennsylvania workers.

WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR STRENGTH LEADS INTO THE MIDTERMS? Fetterman: “I comprehend the struggles that Pennsylvanian citizens are facing. I have consistently stood out for the towns and individuals that Washington politicians ignore during my entire career. Because I am one of them, voters know they can rely on me to stand up for their interests. I’ve spent almost my entire life in Pennsylvania; I’ve been to all 67 counties numerous times, and I am familiar with the concerns that residents of the entire state have. Dr. Oz disagrees.

Oz: “Washington’s radical liberals just care about appearing to care. Their actions have robbed Americans of their savings and plunged the nation into a recession. I’m interested in solving issues. I have dedicated my life to the medical industry, creating life-saving tools and educating my patients to become their own health experts. I’ve spent my whole career challenging influential insiders to defend Americans, and as a U.S. Senator, I’ll keep doing the same.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman

What is something you want to say to voters who are debating supporting your rival?

Fetterman: “My multi-millionaire celebrity rival, Dr. Oz, who has 11 homes worldwide, has no concern for the residents of Pennsylvania, does not comprehend our problems, and has no understanding of our way of life. He is not one of us, and he most certainly will not represent us in Washington.

To run for the Senate, he recently relocated from New Jersey. Dr. Oz simply says and does whatever would benefit him personally, as he has been doing on television for almost two decades now.

Oz: “I’m not a career politician like John Fetterman; I’m a political outsider. I’m prepared to challenge the status quo and the terrible Biden-Fetterman plan, which includes escalating crime, soaring inflation, ineffective governance, and failing schools. John Fetterman has stated categorically that he will act as yet another rubber stamp for the failed policies that harm Pennsylvanians. The radical, socialist agenda of John Fetterman will hurt American workers and reduce the safety of our streets. Pennsylvania needs to send a courageous leader to Washington to offer a dose of truth and aid in the healing of our wonderful nation, and I will do just that.

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