More than probable, a body was located in the lake. missing Northern California teen Kiely Rodni

When law enforcement officials stated that remains discovered in a submerged car are “more than certainly” hers, the search for missing Northern California teen Kiely Rodni became an sad conclusion Monday.

According to officials, the California Highway Patrol is looking into the incident as an accident.

The car, found Sunday, was discovered in Prosser Lake in Truckee, Nevada, some 35 miles west of Reno, by Adventures With Purpose, a private diving group, and who had been helping in the search.

“We found a deceased person inside the car. According to Nevada County Sheriff Shannan Moon, “We think it’s our missing person. “The victim” is more than likely where we are right now, but we have not been able to positively identify them.

16-year-old Kiely Rodni.

On Monday, the teen’s family expressed their gratitude to police enforcement, volunteers, and other supporters.

The rising sun beams light upon us, reminding us not to lament our loss, but to celebrate Kiely’s spirit and the gift that we have all received in knowing her, her family said in a statement. While we accept this sadness put under death’s shadow, the rising sun shines light upon us. Even though we won’t get Kiely back, she’ll still be here.

On camera, Sunday, television news workers could be seen pulling what appeared to be a silver SUV out of the sea.
For weeks, people had been seeking for 16-year-old Rodni and her vehicle, a silver 2013 Honda CRV.
A video of the submerged SUV that appeared to show the same California license plate as Rodnis’ SUV was posted by volunteer searchers on Monday.

Prior to the arrival of the volunteer group, divers and swimmers working with the local law enforcement agencies and equipped with sonar and other tools failed to find the car that was discovered on Sunday.

Capt. Sam Brown of the Nevada County Sheriffs said his department will examine their search’s potential flaws more closely.
What a wonderful question. Everyone will have that one, right? How is it that we searched and did not find it? Black stated.

Rodni was last seen Aug. 6 was there at the Prosser Family Campground in Truckee’s “The Sanctuary,” along with a large group of other partying teenagers.

Authorities were first concerned that their hunt for her had been delayed down because potential underage drinking witnesses might have been reluctant to come forward.

Brown added that early accounts of Rodnis’ disappearance wrongly suggested that he may have been kidnapped.
Brown added that the misunderstanding might have unintentionally aided the investigation.

If “a probable kidnapping” hadn’t been an option, “we also probably wouldn’t have received all the services and all the people,” he added. “We might not have had the necessary tools to conduct interviews if this had really been a search-and-rescue operation.

Tuesday will see the autopsy.
The local police enforcement was honored on Monday for letting Adventures With Purpose join the hunt.

This week, the divers intend to travel to Selma, California, with their gear in an effort to locate search for missing Northern California0, who hasn’t been seen since August 6.

Additionally, the group wants to help San Luis Obispo police locate search for missing Northern California1, who vanished on April 25.

Give your loved ones a closer hug. Because we never know when it will be our final chance to do something, take your time. As awful as the conclusion turned out to be, I hope that it will continue so that we can assist the following family as we did here, said diver Nick Rinn.

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