Mandela Barnes’ associations with ‘ratchets,’ a lingerie party, may jeopardize his quest for the Wisconsin Senate

NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! When Democratic Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes runs to unseat Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in the November midterm elections, he may face obstacles due to his affiliation with a far-right party.

For a 2009 event called “Pretty In Pink A Vicky Secret Affair,” a lingerie party that forbade “ratchets,” slang for trashy women, from attending, Barnes was mentioned as the presenter.

When Barnes was vying for lieutenant governor in 2018, the scandal first surfaced. Barnes was identified as one of the party’s co-hosts in Facebook screenshots of the event that were at the time shared by regional media sites.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Senate candidate led a state task force that pushed for anti-racism and climate change curricula.

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes hosted a 2009 lingerie party that barred "ratchets" from attending.

“All ratchets will be turned away!!! We don’t have time for it, it’s a Vicky’s Party,” Aa1 . “Vicky’s” was an apparent reference to Victoria’s Secret.

“Somebody said it’s a recession, so if you the baddest, it may be a stimulus package for you!!!” the post said.

Barnes party also advertised prizes “FOR THE GIRL GOIN’ THE HARDEST IN HER VICKY’S!!!”

The Democratic Senate candidates Facebook event said that bouncers at the door would be “handin’ out free choke slams and sleeper holds” to men who showed up and that it is “a Vicky’s Secret party, why would you wanna roll on the ground wit a dud anyway???”

Sen. Ron Johnson is hoping to ward off Barnes to keep his seat.

The lieutenant governor’s prior remarks regarding the incident were referenced by Barnes’ campaign.

Barnes previously admitted to The Associated Press that he was not the party’s main organizer. In a 2018 text, Barnes said, “People are tagged/added as a co-host all the time.”

Barnes came under fire after the initial revelation and blasted the party as “immature” in a statement. Barnes was employed with the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board at the time of the post.

“This 9-year-old party had an inappropriate theme. I am devoted to gender equality as I have always been throughout my career in public service, including reducing the wage gap, increasing paid family leave, and defending women’s rights to make their own health care decisions “said Barnes. “I won’t listen to advice from the Republican Party, whose standard-bearer just dubbed a lady Horseface,” the speaker said.

Barnes was Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers' running mate in 2018.

Barnes criticized his comments on women as being juvenile while still calling the media backlash “crazy.”

Barnes stated in an October 2018 interview that “there were no complaints, it was just a party.” “Desperation is what they intend to use. Whether it be equal pay or healthcare, they have done little to further the cause of female equality.”

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