In the Florida governor’s election, DeSantis boasts of his “record of accomplishments,” saying, “We have the wind at our back.”

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appeared on “Fox and Friends” to explain why he is optimistic about his chances of winning reelection given the achievements made in the state over the last four years.

DESANTIS continues to be voters’ top choice for governor in a recent poll while DEMINGS leads RUBIO in the contentious Senate race.

ROBERT DESANTIS A blue wave year was the general election four years ago. It was a competitive race, and I was an unknown candidate. This time, I believe we have the wind in our favor. And I have a track record of success that I’m running on. In fact, Florida has served as the nation’s main symbol of freedom for the past four years if you consider what we’ve been able to do here. There are folks who have moved here and people who want to visit. No one believed it was possible, but our unemployment rate is currently lower than it was before COVID. Despite all the obstacles caused by the Biden economy, we are still adding jobs. And we finished the fiscal year with a record-breaking $22 billion surplus. None of that would have been possible if I had followed the wishes of the Democrats. They criticize me for every choice I took in order to keep the state running, businesses afloat, defend people’s rights, ensure that children could attend school in person, and prevent individuals from losing their jobs due to a compulsion for vaccinations. And if they had gotten their way, Florida wouldn’t be so successful. Florida would be experiencing a funk. Therefore, these elections and contests are crucial. And for the next 80 days, we’re going to work incredibly, incredibly hard.



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