In an effort to skydive into the opening ceremony of a Tennessee high school football game, a parachutist lost his life: report

On Friday, a guy lost his life while attempting to parachute into a Tennessee high school football pregame celebration. Daniel Boone High School quarterback claimed it was “a little awkward to play after.” The parachutist was employed by JumpTN, which revealed to USA Today that he had “more than 1500 jumps to his credit.” Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! According to reports, a guy died on Friday after jumping into a pregame gathering for a high school football game in Tennessee and experiencing a “hard landing.”

The man crashed-landed during a pre-game ceremony at David Crockett High School, according to Jerry Boyd, superintendent of Washington County Schools in Jonesboro, Tennessee, who also told aa2.

We are devastated by the unfortunate occurrence that happened just before the commencement of Friday night’s football game at the David Crockett High School football stadium, on behalf of David Crockett High School, Daniel Boone High School, and the rest of the Washington County Schools community,’ Boyd said in a statement to WCYB

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the injured skydiver who passed away.” As the family mourns the passing of a cherished husband, father, and grandfather, we kindly ask that everyone keep them in their prayers.

On Monday, David Crockett students will have access to services from mental health specialists on campus, according to officials, WCYB reported.

According to USA Today, school officials delayed the start of the game between David Crockett and Daniel Boone High Schools after leading the crowd in a moment of quiet. The Musket Bowl match was won by Daniel Boone by a score of 35-7, according to MaxPreps .

Luke Jenkins, the quarterback for Daniel Boone, tweeted on Saturday that the incident was “very sad” and “a little weird to play after.”

Luke Jenkins, @LukeJenkins2024, The man was 55 years old and had “more than 1500 jumps to his credit,” according to October 22, 2022 JumpTN, the firm that the man was engaged via to perform the parachuting. His freefall was not noticed by onlookers as being unusual, and his parachute appeared to release “without incident,” according to the business.

In a statement to USA Today, JumpTN said, “The deceased was a highly accomplished jumper with decades of experience to their credit and a well-respected member of the skydiving community.” “The sudden loss of a fantastic member of their community is mourned by the whole skydiving community,” the statement reads.

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