In a video that she posted, Marjorie Taylor Greene may be seen appearing to strike a young activist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgian Republican in Congress, is depicted in

speaking to the media in June 2021. via Getty Images, Jim Watson/AFP remove caption

switch to caption via Getty Images, Jim Watson/AFP Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman, is depicted in image 2 speaking to the media in June 2021.

via Getty Images, Jim Watson/AFP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted an video on Twitter early on Thursday evening showing an argument she had over gun regulation with three young protesters outside the Capitol earlier that day.

“These ignorant cowards want the government to take away firearms andamp; the rights of parents to defend their children in schools,” Greene, a Republican from Georgia, added in the tweet.

Marianna Pecora, who was one of the individuals arguing with Greene in the video, asked the following question about 25 minutes later: “Did she actually just tweet out the footage of her kicking me?”

A TENSE CONVERSATION ABOUT GUN CONTROL IS SEEN IN VIDEO. Pecora, who is 18 years old, works as the organization Voters of Tomorrow’s deputy director of communications. She was in Washington, D.C., with other members of her group, this week , to advocate for youth rights.

Pecora appears to have approached Greene in the 2:54 video and questioned, “How does the second amendment reduce gun violence?” as I captured the congresswoman’s response on camera.

Pecora began to stumble and utter the words “Oh my God” while Greene said, “Excuse me, out of the way, excuse me.” Later, Pecora steps aside and claims that the congresswoman kicked her.

Pecora and Greene are not directly seen making contact in the footage.

THE SIDE ON WHAT HAPPENED DO NOT AGREE The claim that Greene kicked Pecora was “absolutely ludicrous,” according to Greene’s communications director Nick Dyer, who labeled it a “fiction.”

Physically fine but emotionally “a little rattled,” Pecora told NPR.

She added in an email, “I find it terribly upsetting that a member of Congress has such a low regard for the people of our country that she considers it acceptable to turn to trying to injure them.

The topic of whether to file charges was one that was frequently asked by Santiago Mayer, the executive director of Voters of Tomorrow and a participant in the verbal conflict, on Thursday night, according to said .

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