In a contentious Arizona Senate debate, Kelly contrasts Biden’s ‘stupid’ immigration policy decision with his own.

Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., of Phoenix split with his party on the contentious subject of immigration during a debate on Thursday, stressing his policy differences with progressives and criticizing Democratic leaders in an uncharacteristically harsh manner.

Our southern border is a shambles, in my experience, and I’ve spent a lot of time there. It’s a mess. Crisis after crisis,” remarked Kelly. “I worked in Washington to increase the number of Border Patrol agents in Arizona.

Regarding border security, I’ve been vocal. Kelly continued, “And I’ve confronted Democrats, including the president, when they were wrong on this topic. I warned the president he was wrong when he made the decision to amend the rules in a way that would worsen the situation. I thus repeatedly resisted this administration.

Kelly’s campaign claimed that he was alluding to Biden’s decision to repeal Title 42, a Trump-era policy from the pandemic era that allowed authorities to turn away asylum seekers in the interest of public health. Kelly’s team emphasized Kelly’s vocal opposition vote against the decision this year.

In addition to his demands for more federal resources to bolster security, Kelly’s campaign also highlighted another break with Biden from the previous year, when Kelly described the border situation as a crisis at the time and cited rising numbers of asylum seekers without additional resources to process applications.

Kelly claimed that while Republicans want to make it a political issue, many Democrats don’t comprehend it. For a full six-year term, Kelly, who was originally elected in a special election in 2020, is running against Republican opponent Blake Masters.

Democrats seem to be politically exposed on the immigration issue. Polls, including one conducted by the president’s pollster, indicate that Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the situation. According to a recent NBC News survey, people prefer Republicans to manage immigration policy by a 46% to 29% margin. A CNN poll study indicated that among probable Arizona voters, immigration is tied for third most important topic.

The debate, which is the only meeting between the candidates, included a number of contentious confrontations between the two major-party nominees and Marc Victor of the Libertarian Party.

At one point, Masters questioned Kelly about whether he had taken all necessary steps to protect the southern border.
I’ve been concentrating on the border since Day One, Kelly retorted.

Masters argued, Senator Kelly is the least effective and worst senator of all time if this is the outcome of his attention being drawn to the border.

Former astronaut and Navy pilot Kelly attacked Masters for his views on abortion, past proposals to privatize Social Security, remarks regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 election, and critiques of the American military. While defending his opposition to abortion, his doubts about the 2020 election, and his criticisms of the military, which he linked to American involvement in World War II when he was a college student, Masters, a venture capitalist and former deputy to billionaire tech mogul Peter Thiel, attempted to link Kelly to rising inflation.

Recent surveys show that have consistently suggested Kelly is ahead by 3 to 7 percentage points.

Kelly argued that Masters was attempting to conceal his true opinion during a lengthy discussion about abortion legislation, which has been a hot topic both in Arizona and nationally since the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade.

Kelly claimed that Masters had defended federal limits and had labeled abortion a demonic sacrifice and a religious act. After winning the primary election, NBC News reported in August that Masters had removed all of the extreme pro-abortion views from his website.

Masters backed the 15-week national abortion restriction put up by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., during the discussion.

“I think Arizona has the right to enact its own laws. Reversing Roe v. Wade was intended to do just that, according to Masters. “And I support a governmental backup,” she added.

Kelly attacked Masters for thinking he was brighter than other men, women, and anyone in his immediate environment.

People, I believe we’ve all met guys like this. Kelly remarked, “You know, folks who think they know more than everyone about everything. that you believe you understand abortion better than women and medical professionals. You believe you know more about Social Security than elderly people. You believe that you understand how to win a battle better than veterans.

Ted Simons, the debate’s moderator, once tried to get Masters, a Trump supporter, to clarify his stance on the validity of the 2020 election.

Masters released the advertisement saying: I suppose Trump won in 2020 during the primaries. Early in August, the language claiming that the election was a rotten mess was removed from his website’s election policy section, CNN reported.

Although Masters stated that he thinks Biden is the rightful president, he contended that Trump would have won a second term if reports of possible wrongdoing by Biden’s son Hunter Biden had not been “censored” on social media.

When asked if he supported banning mail-in voting in Arizona, where it has been largely accepted for decades, he initially said no but afterwards clarified that he believes in Election Day and not election season.

Masters responded, “Yeah, I haven’t seen evidence of that,” when asked whether the 2020 election itself was corrupted, as Trump and his backers frequently alleged but were unable to prove in court.

We might find ourselves in a situation in 2024 where our democracy’s wheels fall off, according to Kelly.
And the reason people like Blake Masters are questioning election integrity, he continued
The Libertarian candidate, Victor, who some Republicans worry could steal votes from Masters, criticized Masters for being concerned about the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

Boy, he really sounds like a politician to me for a guy who has never been elected, Victor added. I’ll say the election was won by Joe Biden.

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