I’m a digital nomad that travels alone and has a chronic illness and disability. Here is how I keep my health in check when residing overseas.

Travel has always been important to me because I have adventure-hungry parents who made it a priority in my childhood. But because of a number of chronic illnesses, I haven’t been able to travel freely for the most of my life.

I have had a complex triad of incapacitating chronic conditions since I was 14 years old, including localized scleroderma, fibromyalgia, and undiagnosed endometriosis, which affects my skin and joints.

I also had irritable bowel syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, complicated post-traumatic stress disorder, joint hypermobility syndrome, and vaginismus between the ages of 18 and 26.
Chronic weariness and constant discomfort that I endure occasionally make it difficult for me to do simple cognitive tasks like paying attention or speaking coherently.

Because I was unsure if my symptoms would get worse or if a new underlying issue would manifest, I started to think that traveling was impossible. I long ago stopped going on vacation.

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