group’s attempt to prevent the implementation of Biden’s student debt reduction program is rejected by Justice Barrett

Earlier this week, Wisconsin taxpayers filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking that President Joe Biden’s federal student loan forgiveness program be put on hold. However, Justice Amy Coney Barrett rejected the petition.

Just days after the Biden administration started taking applications from debtors to have up to $20,000 in student debt forgiven, Barrett, who is in charge of emergency applications from Wisconsin, rejected the Brown County Taxpayers Association attempt to block the program.

On Wednesday, the emergency application was submitted.

Without consulting the other justices, Barrett seemed to take action on her own. She declined the emergency request without giving a reason, which is not unusual.

In a 29-page submission to the Supreme Court, the taxpayers organization had contended that Biden’s policy would cost taxpayers more than $1 trillion and that it would obstruct Congress, which controls federal spending.

The Education Department stated that the cost would be closer to $379 billion while the neutral Congressional Budget Office projected last month that Biden’s plan would cost $400 billion.

In a statement released on Thursday, Rick Esenberg, the president and general counsel of the conservative Wisconsin Institute for Law

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