Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have all banned Andrew Tate.

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube have banned Andrew Tate, a self-described “success coach” who has drawn criticism for what many perceive to be misogynistic advice.

Friday, an official from Meta, the corporation that owns Instagram and Facebook, acknowledged to NBC News that the company’s polices on dangerous organizations and individuals was broken by Tate’s official accounts on the social media networks. The ban is unbreakable, the spokeswoman added. Tate had 4.7 million Instagram followers before to the ban.

A TikTok representative announced on Monday that Tate’s account has been permanently blocked as a result of the platform’s inquiry. According to the spokesperson, TikTok uses software to track down and delete copies of videos that have been deemed to breach its Community Guidelines. The software also flags some content so that it won’t be suggested to users’ For You feeds.

The TikTok spokesman stated that misogyny is a hateful ideology and is not permitted on the platform. As we continue to delete violative accounts and videos and pursue methods to strengthen our enforcement, including our detection models, against this type of content, our investigation into this content is ongoing.

YouTube also forbade Tate-related channels, including the popular TateSpeech channel, which has over 744,000 subscribers.

According to YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi, we have canceled channels connected to Andrew Tate for several violations of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, including our hate speech policy. The owner of a terminated channel is not permitted to use, own, or establish any further YouTube channels.

The business warned that it might take down the content if it discovers another channel reposting films from a previously blocked channel. YouTube may also delete the channel if it only serves to re-post content from prohibited channels.

The restrictions are the result of an online movement to deplatform Tate, whose impact on his predominantly youthful audience has raised concerns from parents and teachers.

Tate responded to NBC News’ request for comment regarding his suspension from Instagram and Facebook with an email statement on Monday. “It is very unfortunate that old videos of me, where I was playing a comedic character, have been taken out of context and amplified to the point where people believe absolutely false narratives about me, ” Tate said.

He criticized Instagram for “bowing to pressure” and claimed that “online sensationalism” had led many to mistakenly believe that he was “anti-women.”

Tate has long been involved in far-right communities, but it wasn’t until he started appearing on numerous podcasts and Twitch streams that he started to acquire support and become more well-known.

His extreme statements—comparing women to property, graphically describing how he would attack a woman for accusing him of cheating, and asserting that men prefer to date women in their mid-20s over those in their 18s and 19s because the younger ones have had sex with fewer men—have contributed significantly to his continued viral success.

His opinions have been frequently reshared on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Tate has refuted misogynistic accusations and previously told NBC News that the purpose of his remarks is to advise males to “avoid poisonous people as a collective.”

Tate claimed in his email message on Monday that the media was repeatedly fabricating images of him and that Instagram’s submission to pressure was a great disgrace. My platform would be a beacon of light, educating people of all genders and ethnicities on how to respect one another for years to come. I would always have millions of fans throughout the world. These admirers can no longer gain valuable lessons about love.

Additionally, after Romanian authorities stormed Tate’s estate on the basis of a tip about an American lady being detained against her will, they charged Tate with running a pyramid scheme through his online curriculum “Hustler’s University 2.0” and with being associated with a human trafficking operation. Tate refuted both charges.

At the height of the #MeToo movement in 2017, he also faced criticism when he tweeted that women should have some responsibility for being sexually assaulted. This was in addition to previous statements that were heavily criticized for appearing to place the blame for harassment and abuse on women. That year, Twitter permanently suspended his account.

Tate’s 50,000-follower Twitch channel is still operational.

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