Elon Musk spreads confusion with a conspiracy theory in his first weekend as Twitter CEO.

The weekend was spent tweeting by Twitter’s new “Chief Twit,” but it’s still unclear what Elon Musk will do with his new business.

Musk made over 20 posts throughout the course of Saturday and Sunday, most of which were contradictory. Prior to a date when many Twitter employees receive stock awards, he informed The New York Times that he planned to make significant layoffs on Monday. He also seemed to be implying that Twitter hired too many people, or at the very least, too many people who lacked the necessary skill set. This was embrace at least one tweet‘s impression.

He said in response to @spideycyp 155, a self-described “Die hard supporter of Elon Musk,” that “There seem to be 10 people’managing’ for every one person coding.”

Retweeting Twitter’s head of safety and integrity Yoel Roth, Musk made an reassure LeBron James after he expressed concerns regarding an increase in racial slurs on the network. That is one of Elon Musk’s most major endorsements of the organization’s current moderation team, which was led by reportedly fired Friday. Later on Sunday night, he posted what appeared to be internal communications from Roth claiming that information regarding fictitious accounts that would have been helpful to his attempts to thwart the Twitter sale had been withheld from him. He also kept implying that the present moderation efforts had become biased or overzealous at the same time.

This past weekend, Musk tweeted and later deleted a message to Hillary Clinton that contained a link to a well-known conspiracy website that made unfounded allegations about the attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California. Additionally, he tweeted a cartoon that is referred to online as a “dickbutt.”

This last weekend served to demonstrate just how erratic and contradictory Musk can be.

At a time of extreme polarization in the U.S., Musk’s ideas for the 238 million-daily-user platform will have a significant impact on online communication, particularly political expression. Although it has fewer users than some of its rivals, its effect is much greater.

After a protracted and bitter battle in which Musk attempted to back out of the transaction and made a number of critical remarks about Twitter, his agreement to purchase Twitter was finalized on Thursday. Musk has made a number of promises to reduce staff and alter the moderating process.

Musk started to flip his tune in recent weeks, most notably writing on Thursday that advertisers didn’t need to worry about the platform turning into “a free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequences” because they had limited legal grounds to block the arrangement. The outreach to advertisers provided crystal-clear proof that quick and extensive changes loosening Twitter regulations may not be forthcoming, along with a tweet Musk sent out on Friday in which he declared his intention to create a council at Twitter to vote on moderation problems.

They are not necessarily off the table as a result. Some of the Silicon Valley veterans Musk has surrounded himself with have voiced their criticism of Twitter’s moderating efforts. Over the weekend, venture capitalists Jason Calacanis and denied a report0 both tweeted that they were involved. Twitter will be “laser-focused on identity and safety in the coming weeks,” according to a tweet from Calacanis over the weekend. This will include a “very detailed plan to limit the quantity of (and visibility of) bots, spammers, and bad actors on the platform.”

Although Musk’s plans for Twitter’s moderation are the most well-known and highly contested, they might not be the most urgent. The acquisition, in our judgment, is one of the most overvalued tech acquisitions in the history of M

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