Elon Musk makes references to offering various Twitter versions and tweet maturity ratings.

Early on Saturday morning, Elon Musk stated that Twitter users might be able to select a version of the social media network they prefer by using a rating system.

Musk proposed the concept in response to a tweet from the CEO of Bay Area software business Replit.
Like a movie maturity rating, having the option to choose which version of Twitter you want is definitely preferable, he said.
Musk continued, “The tweet’s rating may be self-selected and then changed based on user response.”
After Twitter’s takeover, Elon Musk declared that comedy is now legal.
On Friday, the newly appointed Twitter founder posted that the company would create a content moderation council “with broadly different opinions.”
Before the council meets, he stated, no significant content decisions or account reinstatements will be made.


‘Facebook has a reasonably diverse oversight board and both the left and the right are still unhappy with them,’ wrote Replit’s Amjad Masad in response to that tweet. playing poorly.

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