DHS requested all of the Secret Service’s Jan. 6 texts before retracting its request.

According to an email received by the senior Democrats on two House committees, the DHS monitoring office, which in February 2021 demanded all Secret Service text messages made around January 6, 2021, the day of the Capitol disturbance, withdrew the request five months later.

Jim Crumpacker, a senior official at DHS, received an email from DHS Deputy Inspector General Thomas Kait on July 27, 2021, with the message, Jim, please use this email as a reference to our conversation where I said we no longer request phone records and text messages from the USSS related to the events of January 6th.

The House Homeland Security Committee, presided over by Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, and the House Oversight Committee, presided over by Carolyn Maloney of New York, both acquired the email. They made reference to the email in a letter they wrote to the DHS inspector general’s office on Monday, saying that Kait had asked the Secret Service for the texts once more in December, five months after he had withdrawn his request.

Reps. Maloney and Thompson have also asked Kait to be ready to testify by August 15 and have requested contacts from the DHS inspector general regarding the email from July 2021.

The missing emails from the Secret Service from January 6, 2021 were not disclosed to Congress until this July, according to DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari.

According to Secret Service spokespeople, the agency deleted the communications as part of a planned migration of the phone system, which essentially reset all phones to their original settings.

The Inspector General Cuffaris office opted not to collect or evaluate phones in February 2021 in an effort to try to recover the missing texts, according to The Washington Post (reported last week).

The missing text messages have raised questions about why Cuffari did not notify Congress about the missing text messages earlier, as well as if the Secret Service intentionally attempted to obstruct the investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021, uprising at the U.S. Capitol.

An inquiry for comments was not immediately answered by the DHS inspector general’s office.

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