Dem in the House claims that the female GOP candidate would like to kiss McCarthy’s feet “and anything else.”

During their most recent debate, Rep. Elaine Luria of Virginia charged that her Republican opponent wanted to kiss House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s feet “and everything else.”

During her second debate with Republican Virginia state senator Jen Kiggans in Smithfield on Monday, Luria went off on McCarthy.

Luria pointed to Kiggans and said, “I see I have one minute left, so I’m just going to wrap it up, but the problem is, like, this woman wants your gas costs to be high.” As the November elections draw near, this is starting to pose a dilemma for Republicans, according to Kevin McCarthy, who she wants to support for speaker. I observed that beginning in August, as gas prices decreased, we Republicans believed that may really harm our chances of capturing the House.

The congresswoman was quoting comments McCarthy made who recently told Punchbowl News that Republicans had a bad month in August because of the temporary drop in record-breaking gas prices.

Luria continued, “They didn’t care about your wallet or the fact that gas costs were dropping, and that’s what they should desire. “They only care about keeping gas prices high so they can win the election.” And Kevin McCarthy wants your gas prices to be high because he wants to be speaker, she says she’ll vote for him, and she’ll kiss his feet and his ring and everything else.


Therefore, she questioned, “Why would you vote for someone who is genuinely attempting to keep gas prices high just so she can get elected to Congress?”

Luria’s team said that in response to Fox News Digital’s request for clarification, the congressman had refrained from referring to her rival as a “a— kisser.”

Even though she served in the Navy for 20 years, campaign spokesperson Jayce Genco remarked, “The Congresswoman was too gracious to call Jen Kiggans an a— kisser at the debate, but we appreciate the diligent reporting of Fox News.” “Kiggans has made it abundantly apparent that she is in lockstep with Kevin McCarthy to abolish Medicare as it is currently in place and reduce Social Security,” says the article.

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