Critics condemn Stacey Abrams for asserting during a debate that 107 sheriffs want to “take Black people off the streets”

Stacey Abrams, a Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia, came under fire on Sunday for saying during a debate that 107 sheriffs want to be allowed to “take Black people off the streets.”

I’m not a part of the old boys’ network. So, no. I don’t have 107 sheriffs that want to be able to remove Black folks off the streets and escape punishment. Although I don’t think every sheriff wants that, Abrams said in the debate, “I do know that we need a governor that believes in both defending law enforcement and also defending the people of Georgia.”

Before bragging about the backing of 107 sheriffs from all throughout the state of Georgia, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp claimed during the debate that Abrams doesn’t support law enforcement and that she supports defunding the police.

In their most recent debate, Kemp and Abrams traded blows over the use of force by the police, firearms, and voter suppression.
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When a video of the discussion was released to Twitter, Republican communicator Matt Whitlock commented, “What in the world?”

In a subsequent tweet, he added that “crime is on the rise, Americans are concerned Democrats want to starve the police (according to a CBS poll released today), and Stacey Abrams is using the discussion to disparage law enforcement.”

Jake Schneider of the Republican National Committee claimed that Abrams was “becoming desperate.”
At a Friday campaign rally, former President Barack Obama stood alongside Abrams and Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga.
As they attempt to save their majorities in Congress, DEMOCRATS SEE OBAMA AS THEIR PARTY’S CLOSER.
The statement made by Abrams, according to Jason Hopkins, an investigative associate at the Immigration Reform Law Institute, was “extremely disrespectful.”
He said, “She’s blaming racism for the lack of support from the police enforcement community.”
Guy Benson, a contributor to Fox News, called it a “ugly smear.”
Abrams allegedly went “full progressive” and accused the Georgian police of racism, according to radio presenter Erick Erickson.
In another tweet, Erickson said that crime was a significant problem in the suburbs and that her remark would probably backfire.

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