Cheney cautions Arizona voters about the threats to democracy posed by the GOP’s choices for governor and secretary of state.

In the upcoming midterm elections, Rep. Liz Cheney urged voters to reject the Republican candidates for governor and secretary of state in Arizona, portraying them as existential threats to American democracy.

We all need to recognize that we cannot hand power to those who have declared they will not uphold the results of elections if you care about democracy and the future of our country. At a gathering at Arizona State University on Wednesday night, Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, stated.

Republican candidates Mark Finchem for secretary of state and Kari Lake for governor have made it a central theme of their campaigns to contest the results of the state’s 2020 election. Asserting that President Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, while Finchem asserts that if he had been secretary of state when Biden won Arizona, he would have been an would not have certified, Lake and Finchem are closely aligned with former President Donald Trump and his stolen election lie.

Both have asserted, without providing any supporting proof, that there may have been fraud in the upcoming midterm elections.

They’ve examined the law as a whole, the evidence, and the court decisions, and they claim it makes no difference to them, according to Cheney of Lake and Finchem.

Therefore, what happens in Arizona is essential not only for Arizona but also for the rest of the country and the continued operation of our constitutional republic, she said.

Later on in the program, Cheney said, “For almost 40 years now, I’ve been voting Republican.” The event was organized by the McCain Institute, a think tank with the same name as the late Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

I don’t think I’ve ever cast a ballot for a Democrat, she said. But I would definitely run for governor and secretary of state if I still resided in Arizona.

According to polling, Lake and Finchem are in a close battle for governor against Katie Hobbs, the current secretary of state, and Adrian Fontes, the current Maricopa County recorder, who are also Democrats. Arizona, one of the most important presidential swing states in 2020 when Biden became the first Democrat to turn the state blue in a presidential election since 1996, has changed from being solidly red to being deeply purple.

Cheney said on Wednesday, “We cannot be in a position where we elect folks who will not fundamentally protect the sanctity of elections.

As she has previously stated, what happens in Arizona has implications not only for Arizona but also for the rest of the country and the continued operation of our constitutional republic.

Later that evening, during a candidate forum, Lake referred to Cheney as a “warmonger.”

In August, Cheney, a vocal opponent of Trump’s election lies, suffered a crushing defeat in her primary after Trump endorsed her rival. She became one of his main targets for political retaliation after she supported his impeachment during the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and later served as the leading Republican on the House committee looking into the riot and his role in it.

Cheney emphasized her belief that “it’s crucial for us as Republicans to demand from our Republican leaders that they not accept this unraveling of the democracy” in a speech to more than 200 attendees assembled in Tempe.

She specifically chastised other Republicans, like Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who will be running for office alongside Lake this month, for endorsing those election-defying politicians.

She claimed that he “should not be here” to campaign for her. She also criticized Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican from Texas, who had earlier Wednesday campaigned beside Lake.

Cruz “clearly knows that what he is advocating is unconstitutional, that what she is saying is unconstitutional,” the woman claimed.

They are aware of it, she replied. And as Republicans, there must be repercussions. And we need to make sure that everyone knows that we will vote for persons whose moral character we can rely on.

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