Biden is made fun of for misspelling the dot in the website’s domain name: “He will literally read any words.”

Attempting to provide a webpage to prevent fraud in his student loan giveaway scheme on Monday, President Joe Biden was met with criticism after making yet another humiliating error.

In order to receive up to $10,000 in grants, Biden announced the opening of an online application site for people making less than $125,000 annually. In response to complaints over the proposal, Biden again emphasized the website for reporting fraud run by the Federal Trade Commission.

While touting the FTC website, Biden stuttered and misspelled the word “dot” while stating the URL.

“If you receive any suspicious calls, do let us know by clicking to report fraud,” Biden referred to the website when he said, “report fraud, D-O-T, F-T-C, dot gov.”

Prices are still high ahead of the midterms, and BIDEN officials are pressed on inflation, saying, “That’s political spin.”
The error was made fun of on social media as the most recent instance of Biden’s difficulty speaking in front of an audience.

“Biden is so gone that he will literally read ANY WORDS they put on the teleprompter in front of him,” wrote Washington Times columnist Tim Young in a tweet.

Glassy-eyed Biden receives yet another ass-kicking from the teleprompter, according to Jason Howerton, engagement director for CRTV.
Hold your ground, Joe! The only thing between us from Kamala is you,’ said YouTuber Todd Masson.

Can’t make this stuff up, RNC Research rapid response director Tommy Pigott noted that when the word “dot” appeared on the teleprompter, the speaker “actually got so confused that he spelled it out instead of just saying “dot.”

“Today, Joe Biden spelled out D-O-T, which is the dot in a site address. The radio presenter Clay Travis tweeted, “He really is Ron Burgandy.
After Biden told a reporter that gas in California had “ALWAYS BEEN $7 a gallon,” Twitter erupted.
In addition, Biden came under fire on Monday for claiming that despite rising gas costs, petrol in California has “always” cost $7 per gallon.

That has always been the situation here, Biden retorted. You know, nationwide, gas prices dropped by roughly $1.35 and are still down by more than a dollar. Housing is the big, is the most significant thing we have to accomplish in terms of that, but we’re going to work on it.

In August, Biden unveiled his initial idea to subsidize student loan debt. Republican leaders and commentators were quite critical of the announcement at the time, despite plaudits from media pundits. However, numerous media outlets were also compelled to point out its shortcomings, particularly its effect on inflation.

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