Before the premiere of “Halloween Ends,” Real Housewives star Kyle Richards appears on the cover of a steamy magazine.

Before “Halloween Ends” debuted on Friday, Kyle Richards posed for seductive pictures for a magazine cover, confessing on Instagram that she needed some persuasion to agree to the photo shoot.

The “Halloween” actress posted the pictures thanked PhotoBook Magazine’s creative director Mike Ruiz on her Instagram for organizing such an enjoyable photo shoot and shared that she had to get input from a number of people before she consented to take part in the more provocative and sensual shots. In the comments section, she also issued a warning to her supporters not to challenge her choice.

“Don’t make fun of me. That’s art “In her caption, Richard left a message. “I needed some persuasion from @mikeruizone to agree to do this. Then the family talk gave me the go-ahead.”

Richards recently discussed her next film, “Halloween Kills,” her particular bond with Jamie Lee Curtis, and the challenging season she had on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with Fox News Digital.


She was there when Curtis received special recognition by having her hand and footprints engraved in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre. She spoke about how moving it was to see her buddy acknowledged in such a special way when she was there.

“I’m elated right now. My breath was definitely taken away by being here, “said Richards. “I think growing up here, always seeing the theater here, the hand and footprints here, and seeing Jamie earn this accolade has just been so moving, and I’m so pleased I could be here to celebrate with her,” said the author.

Kyle Richards posed for sultry photos for a magazine cover ahead of the premiere of "Halloween Ends."

Curtis and Richards first met in 1978 on set of the first “Halloween” movie, when Richards was 9 years old and Curtis was 20. Richards played Lindsey, one of the two kids Curtis character, Laurie Strode, was babysitting when the murderous Michael Myers broke into the house and attacked.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards first met while filming the original "Halloween" movie in 1978.

There have been many sequels to the popular movie, but the last two movies, the 2018 “Halloween,” ” Halloween Kills ” and the upcoming “Halloween Ends” are direct sequels that continue the original story with Myers, Laurie and Lindsey. Curtis and Richards have both reprised their roles for these sequels.

At the event, Richards told Fox News Digital that she “know(s) the fans are going to love” the new movie and that she cant believe the fans are still so invested in the story all these years later.

“Walking on the carpet last night, I thought, I mean I was walking on the carpet when I was 7 or 8 years old playing the same character. Playing Lindsey all these years later, and the fans still loving it, it’s really exciting, and its surreal.”

Curtis and Richards have managed to maintain a close relationship since first meeting in 1978, with Curtis even making an appearance on Richards show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” returning for a quick cameo during the start of the first episode of the season 12 reunion.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards have managed to form a close bond over the decades since the original movie was released.

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