Based on people’s Google searches, these are the Halloween costumes that you might see frequently.

On Sunday, October 31, 2021, in New York, costumed Halloween revelers march in the 48th annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

Nio Chery/AP In the coming days, people will start coming up with inventive costumes for Halloween. Some might not be immediately identifiable, while others are expected to be widespread across the nation.

Google has created a spooky map this year that shows the top costumes that people are looking for.
Maybe you’ll get some ideas for what to wear or what not to wear.
COMMONEST SEARCHES NATIONALLY Witch Spider-man Dinosaur Unusual Things Fairy Pirate Rabbit Cheerleader Cowboy Marilyn Quinn Clown 1980s vampire Pumpkin Hocus Pocus

THE MOST POPULAR RESULTS BY CITY Alaska’s Anchorage: Rabbit Spider-Man in Atlanta Dinosaurs in Boston Strange Things in Chicago Dallas: a dino Michigan: Witch Hong Kong: Maui (character from the Disney movie, Moana) Texan: Witch Strange Things in Las Vegas California: Spider-Man Florida: Rabbit Dinosaur in Nashville, Tennessee Louisiana: Witch Brooklyn: Fairy Pennsylvania: Rabbit the dinosaur Phoenix Pirates in Pittsburgh Seattle: Fairy Washington: Witch Dinosaur Washington, D.C.

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