As Ukrainian Independence Day approaches, the US issues a warning about Russian infrastructure assaults.

YouTube NEW Fox News articles can now be heard on audio! Russia is planning to increase attacks on Ukraine’s government and infrastructure on Monday, the U.S. State Department has warned.

The warning comes as Ukraine prepares to celebrate its Independence Day on Wednesday, which also marks the halfway point of Russia’s invasion. According to the Associated Press, the U.S. intelligence community has revealed information indicating that Russian forces will start more often targeting government and civilian infrastructure.

Any Americans who are still in Ukraine have been urged to leave by the American Embassy there.

The State Department advised people to quickly seek cover if they heard an explosion or saw sirens go off. “Close any doors and sit near an internal wall, away from any windows or openings, if in a house or building, go to the lowest level of the structure with the fewest outside walls, windows, and openings.”


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stands at the podium during a joint news conference with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, in Kyiv, Ukraine, July 3, 2022. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty, File)

In a speech on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy forewarned that this week, Russia might do something “especially terrible.”

“This week, Russia might try to do something exceptionally heinous or horrible, so we need be wary of that. This is the adversary. However, during the course of these six months, Russia consistently committed the same abhorrent and terrible act “explained Zelenskyy in a video speech.


“One of the main objectives of the adversary is to degrade us, the Ukrainians, our abilities, and our heroes in order to sow discontent, terror, and strife. Therefore, it’s crucial to never, ever buckle under enemy pressure, to be calm, to avoid displaying weakness, “Added he.

Concerns that Russia would destroy the Ukrainian nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia, which it originally took control of in the first several weeks of the invasion, were also addressed by Zelenskyy.

A Russian serviceman stands guard the territory outside the second reactor of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in Energodar on May 1, 2022. - The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in southeastern Ukraine is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and among the 10 largest in the world. *EDITOR'S NOTE: This picture was taken during a media trip organized by the Russian army.* (ANDREY BORODULIN/AFP via Getty Images)

According to U.N. experts, such a move might result in disaster for the area and could become a “Chernobyl on steroids.”

Following a Saturday car explosion in Moscow that killed the daughter of Alexander Dugin, a Russian philosopher and close political friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia is also more likely to step up its aggressiveness.

The SUV Daria Dugina, 29, was driving blew up as she was returning from a festival where her father had spoken. Dugin had been scheduled to travel in the car, but he opted to take a different ride instead.

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