A Uvalde assistant claims she was hospitalized after Texas police accused her of holding open the school door while the shooter struck.

The erroneous allegation upset the Uvalde employee who Texas officials had incorrectly believed propped the school door open. Emilia “Amy” Marin told ABC News that she had to go to the hospital as a result of the Texas authorities’ finger-pointing. Marin, who shut the door of Robb Elementary School just before the shooting, claimed, “I was shivering from head to toe.” Subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive exclusive analysis, news, and trends in your inbox. Thank you for registering! The employee at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, who Texas officials falsely claimed propped the building’s door open before the shooter carried out the horrific slaughter, stated that she was so upset after being accused that she needed to be hospitalized.

According to Emilia “Amy” Marin, a school assistant, “I was shaking from head to toe,” according to a report released on Monday.

After hearing that Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw blamed a teacher for granting the gunman entrance to the school building on the day of the May 24 mass shooting, Marin told how her daughter was compelled to drive her to the hospital.

According to ABC News, Marin claimed, “I told my employer she I closed the door when she came in.”

Following the shooting that left 21 people dead, including 19 pupils, McCraw asserted that security tape demonstrated that a teacher had propped open the door the 18-year-old shooter used to enter Robb Elementary School.

Later, Texas officials changed their story, claiming that the staff member really closed the door when she noticed a gunman outside but that the door was unlocked.

It was one of the numerous occasions Texas officials revised their account of what took place prior to, during, and following the massacre. The way that law enforcement handled the shooting has been closely examined, and there have even been inquiries into possible handling errors.

Marin told ABC News, “I am suffering mentally, obviously, emotionally, and I have post-traumatic arthritis, which is quite severe.
Marin claimed that she keeps thinking back to that day.

“And I see the faces of those victims.” Every night, I pray for them,” Marin said. But McCraw is unaware of what I experience. Nobody is aware. However, he found it extremely simple to blame me.

According to Marin, she recently told her counselor that it would have been “great” if the shooter had also killed her since “the anguish is overwhelming.”

And you would assume that individuals in positions of authority like McCraw are knowledgeable about their respective fields. He doesn’t realize the impact of his statements, she said.

The day of the slaughter, according to Marin, a speech therapist who worked in the special education department at Robb Elementary School, she “died.”

I’m lost right now. I occasionally enter a gloomy space. While I’m there, it’s difficult, but I keep telling myself, “You can’t let him win.” You can’t let him win,” Marin said of the shooter to ABC News. “I like to fight.” I’ll be alright. I’ll just have to get used to it.

In a statement to ABC News, a representative of the Texas Department of Public Safety said: “At the outset of the investigation, DPS reported that an unnamed teacher at Robb Elementary School used a rock to prop open the door that the shooter used to enter the school building.” The Texas Department of Public Safety did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on Monday.

The official stated: “It was later found that the same teacher removed the rock from the doorway before the gunman arrived and closed the door, unaware that the door was unlocked.”

“DPS addressed this error in public announcements and testimony,” the speaker continued, “and apologizes to the teacher and her family for the additional anguish this has caused in an already awful circumstance.”

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